The two Angels beckoned unto the Disciples while looking up on the mountain where Jesus ascended before their eyes. "Now when He had spoken these things, while they watched, He was taken up, and a cloud received Him out of their sight. 10 And while they looked steadfastly toward heaven as He went up, behold, two men stood by them in white apparel, 11 who also said, “Men of Galilee, why do you stand gazing up into heaven? This same Jesus, who was taken up from you into heaven, will so come in like manner as you saw Him go into heaven.”
This is just a tip of the iceberg. I hope what The Apostle Peter and Paul said of his imminent return gives another insights of his earthly returns.Brethren Christ comes.Keep looking up for the trumpet is at hand.Be at alert.

Jesus Ascension

Jesus Ascension
He is coming Again.Be prepared.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

God,The Most High,The Almighty!!

  Don Moen in his song said
                                        Hallowed beeee... your...... name.....
                                        God... Almighty.....
God may your name be praise forever and ever.I worship and dedicated myself and praise unto you.Thank you for been the Almighty.Thank you for been the Most High in our lives.

Jehovah Jireh, the God provider,provider of the most providers.God as the Most High is an awesome one.He is to be honored than any other gods on the earth,beneath the earth and in the heavens.God is God.There is no other god like him.What i am saying in essence is that "give no praise to any other gods than the God himself."

Do you ever think why God should say in his first commandments to the children of Israel that he is a jealous God?

Our God is jealous because he is the Most High, whom the  earth and heavens adore.He has all authorities.If there be any authority it is in subject, under his dominion,forever and ever, God remains God.Yes God should be jealous because when you, as his work of creation refuses to give him the glory.When God gives you sound health, whom do you praise? There are millions on earth whom God intentionally removed whatever they give glory to, as to the reason of their  sound health from them.They give due glory to  idols,gods,money and sometimes they claim it is their doctors.Some praise themselves while only few identify God as their ultimate good and sound health giver.We, most of the times make God jealous through our habits, actions and forgetfulness.We have forgotten how He  as God ruled over Legions and powerful angels in heaven,who could destroy whatever gods we have on earth in a matter of minutes.If God allow them.God sometimes withdraw from most people what they glory on as the cause of their sound health but in his mercy give them sound health.I pray God will not teach us the hard way to know him as the Most High.

I want to make reference on two stubborn kings, both from the Old testament.They are familiar names in the bible. Pharaoh and Nebuchadnezzar.There are many Pharaoh in the bible but there is only a Nebuchadnezzar.God is jealous with both the kings.He taught one some  very hard lessons , the second  too some harder lessons but with different ends.While Pharaoh remain insolent till he perished,Nebuchadnezzar was given opportunity to   repent and acknowledge God.They both dared God.They are both powerful kings of their days.Nebuchadnezzar is a great king whom Daniel worked for. Moses shew true love unto Pharaoh by praying most of the times for him.Those are  ridiculous,isn't it?

The truth is that God proved His Almighty over these two wicked things by performing wonderful things that  melted their sealed  hardened hearts.

God  is not to be taken as an enemy.He is dangerous to be your enemy.God should never hate you.When you are hated by God,fear!! Don't play game with God. I want to remind you of Jonah,he tried to play fast on God by fleeing to Tarshish away from God's place of assignment,Nineveh.God proved His Almighty there.We all knew how a whale swallowed Jonah and subsequently spat him at the place of his assignment.That's God Almighty for me and you.

God is great.God is the Most High.Our God is the Almighty.It is a fearful thing  to fall into God's hand.

Have you been delegated by God? What project has He given you? What has He mandated you to do? Have you been given any assignment? Have you been stubborn? Have you refused to acknowledge God as the ultimate giver in your life? How do you view God? What's your personal motive about God,or your opinion on Him?What are you thinking about God? Are you there reading this post and doubting God Almighty,please be careful.I just want to say"Acknowledging God is the most sure way to let God and devil decide  your fate.It is only then you can prove God's Almighty in your life through personal testimonies as Job did.    

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Paths, Paths, Paths........

As there is God and devil for us as  every human souls to choose whom to follow,so also is there a path for us to follow in this journey world among other paths.

Path is a way,it leads to a product the end. There is always a path, a way to choose for every human life across the universe.Path is insensitive,path never knows you are going through it,path is passive.Millions have taken the path you are going through at this moment and if God  will many will  tread the good path as you tread..
In every path, there are troubles , woes, distresses of all kinds, oppressions here and there,calamities,dangers within and without,influence,peer pressure and family pressure,joy,peace,success,prosperity,well-beings,friends and enemies.There are many many in paths,but it always produce  or lead into an end.Life or  death.

Without Paths,there is neither life nor death.We grow in the path we treads,we choose a path and we held unto it.Sometimes we receive a commendations on the path we choose and many a times was our souls damned because of the path we choose.I see path as a policy, a form of risks, a way man has become a servant of.Path leads, take it or leave it, once you are in it ,so difficult is it to control,if you have come under the influence of satan.You can't control your Paths.As human we chooses our path.Only God,His Christ and the Holy Spirit could makes us to choose the  path that leads to life.

Joshua asked the children of Israel the path they will follow.He wanted them to remain in the path they have chosen, that is, they are walk in the way of God,they are to serve God.He said " but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord."

There is a song i loved singing
                                              When we walk with the Lord 
                                              In the light of his ways
                                              What a light he often shed on our ways....

As millions as path may be classified into, they are broadly group into two
                                                      Good paths
                                                         Evil paths
                                        The Good path is the Righteous path
                                         The Evil path is the Wicked path

I want to write in a simple way about the Righteous  and their righteous path.
                                                  RIGHTEOUS ONES,RIGHTEOUS PATHS
See the righteous ones and their paths in  the Book of Psalms 1.
                     They are blessed,
                     They are protected,
                     They are precious in God sight,
                     They are fruitful,
                     They prosper,
                     They Love God and his commandments,they delight themselves in the law of God,
                     They meditate in the word of God day and night,
                     They have God's words in them, hid in there as weapon against the enemy,
                     They are not walking , approving,or supporting the evil counsel of the wicked,
                     They are not standing in the way of sinners,
                     They are not sitting in the seat of the scornful,
                     They are well known by God.God who knows their ways knew, they, keep walking before      .
                     Him will walk their Paths into Eternal life,
                     They do not deceive.Psalm5:6c,
                     They are no hypocrites.There is no form of hypocrisy in them,
                     They are not Proud,but radiates humility,
                     They don't kill,
                     They have God's favor in their ways and lives and God abides in them.

I want to write in a simple way about the Evil  and their evil path.

                                          EVIL ONES,EVIL PATHS
See the evil ones and their paths in  the Book of Psalms 1.                   
                     They and their ways perish,
                     They have no hope of Eternal life,
                     They shall not stand in the  judgement,
                     They shall be found  wanting in the congregation of the righteous,
                     They are like chaff which the wind drives away,
                     They shall have no path in the Kingdom of God.

The promises of God is sure for the righteous.It's not human righteousness for that is nothing but a filthy rags.I am talking of righteousness imputed on us by Christ  himself.We have no righteousness of our own.Christ has made us righteous by his blood.We are made through Christ our perfect master.He is perfect,so by believing in him.we become perfect and holy in God's sight.Obeying God daily become very easy,we don't go back all the times to say Lord i am sorry.The hope of  rapture  should the Lord arrive today in us that we go with him.
God's Kingdom is prepared and made for us.

I have said some but not all.Please ,hear what the Lord is saying"My sons and daughters  come not into my  banquet empty handed,come along with jewels for your crowns.Unto those who are still struggling ,those who have not given their life to Jesus.I want to tell you with full assurance Jesus is the way.I have a message for you and i will sing it in a hymn with lyrics composed by W.A. Ogden titled "I have a message from the Lord"

I've a message from the Lord, Hallelujah!
The message unto you I'll give,
'Tis  recorded in his word,Hallelujah!
It is only that you "look and live"
               "Look and live",.. my brother, live...
               Look to Jesus now and live 
              'Tis  recorded in his word,Hallelujah!
               It is only that you "look and live..." 

I've a message full of love Hallelujah!
A message,O my friend for you.
'Tis a message from above Hallelujah!
Jesus said it, and i know 'tis true.

Life is offer'd unto you, Hallelujah!
Eternal life your soul shall have,
If you'll only look to him,Hallelujah!
Look to Jesus who alone can save.

The message of love is the Jesus is the sure path that is save.If you have walking on those dangerous paths you can change your path today. Please do not  postpone, look to Jesus now and live. JESUS IS THE SURE PATH . Come and follow him now,He will not cast you away brothers and sisters.Look unto Jesus,Jesus himself said he is the way, the truth and the life.You need to  look for the way,that is, Jesus.You need to look  for the truth, that is, Jesus.You need Eternal life, that is, Jesus. Jesus is the sure  Path, the sure  Path, the sure  Path , that leads to Eternal life.....

Begin to walk on  that path on that way of life now!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Anointing of Samson.

There is  a tragic-hero in today's blog and the posting here is going to revolves round his lifestyle on issues of Marriage.

SAMSON is the man, a Nazarene of God.He is the  Judge God used to deliver the Israelites from the hand of the Philistines.It will be a rumor that God has raised a young man then to deliver and help the people of Israel, among themselves.They confirmed this when they saw all that God wrought through Samson.Truly for the next twenty years Samson was  useful for God and for Israel.The Bible let us to know that He judged Israel for twenty years,fighting the philistines  and avenging on them whatever evil they do to the people of Israel.He defended them from the Philistines.

The deliverer became a must bring-down for the lords and  people of the land of Philistine.His life was hunted day in,day out.They couldn't hurt him because they don't now his secret.The Spirit of God was in him and whenever he is  stirred  by the Holy Spirit He greatly slaughtered the people of the Philistines.
There are records of his deed in the bible of how he used  a jaw bone to kill thousands, he sent fire into the Philistines farm of standing corn,vineyards and olives, through firebrand he set in between two tails of two foxes each.

Samson became a tragic hero through a loophole he could not control.His libido.That's why among all the Judges he is the only fellow who has no children.Delilah who we might be saying  could carry Samson baby will be an important figure in the house of Dagon on the day of their sacrifice to Dagon their god.Delilah, i believed died alongside the lords and other Philistines in the temple of Dagon.

What a pity!

Samson love strange women, that 's one of the points that made him a tragic-hero

Many anointing have been lost these days due to strange women.Many great men have fallen due to strange women.The love of women by  a man of God is bringing  the word of God to a  rubble.Those who fall in the line of Marriage are often the most useful men  and women of God.

I wonder if Samson don't dream dreams.Didn't God warned him one way or the other, perhaps through visions? Ohhhhh!!!!!  See how a great  man fall just like that!!

I hope you will agree with me, that it is like i am thinking " this could not be the will of God for Samson".The hero of the people of Israel,the destroyer of the Philistines to just die like that?
Sometimes history do make me shed tears. Not a crocodile tears!! A sober and real ones !!! The Philistines in as much as they could not stop plundering the people of Israel, God will not stop looking for a deliverer for his own people.

The anointing of Samson should be discarded in our days.We don't need it all.I dread such anointing.It is nothing but a deadly ones.Do you know that Jews in the days of Jesus expect the  Messiah to be like Samson? Yes if you agree  they will prefer Jesus to live and fight like Samson. They won't bulge if he is messing around.If he could deliver them from the Romans of the day and protect their territory, they will never mistaken him not to  be the Messiah.

The stupendous fact on ground is that Samson  loves strange women.The bible make me to know that those who do the same in the Bible never live a happy life.They died tragically.They loose out. and God soon throw them away.

It is a lesson for all youths in this generation.Are you putting yourself in Samson's shoe,my friend you have loosed out!! If you jump from woman to woman,man to man, bed to bed,keep mastubating  and you hope one day, the Lord will make use of you it's a lie.Why? Devil will never let you return back.Stepping into Samson's shoe is a journey of no return.You have gone, gone, gone, gone away from Christ.To come back will be very difficult...

Delilah for the sake of money,position, affluence,fame,enmity name it..... could not resist the lords of the Phiistines.It is very compulsory for youths in our days to pray to know the mind of the Lord before  Marriage.
Samson reject his parent's advice to marry among the Israelites woman but he refused.He later married the second time unto Delilah, one of the women of his country enemy who brought him into a ruin!!

The Lord help us not to look at the colour, shape , beauty, name, position and the rest, the rest,but to look on  faith,holiness, fruits of the spirit,gentleness and  many  other requirements God desires in every believerGod will not use the anointing on Samson on you but that of the Holy Spirit..If you have not seen your s keep praying, i am too.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The union between the two opposite sex which distinctly distinguished Man from all other living creatures.When union is done legally or publicly,through the way God wanted it to be it becomes Marriage.

Marriage  is an ordained institution divinely instituted by God himself.The truth is that Marriage still works even though many Marriages are collapsing here and there.If i could read the mind of God, i think i would be right and  would not guess to say it is instituted to be a blissful union.God has designed it to be glorious,blissful and holy.

Marriage is to be mutual.Marriage is an avenue to help.Marriage makes two head bot one mind.Marriage is real. Those who have married and have it blissful through God will testify to this.

Marriage create home.Marriage beget home.A happy home is a resemblance of what awaits every christian in heaven.The marriage of the Lamb in which you and me and all of us shall be bride and that under the canopy of the word Church and Christ the groom.The supper night will usher us into a wonderful and blissful living with Christ Jesus.

Marriage on earth triggers Life and that is the goodwill of God Almighty.Marriage also end Life.

It is very painful that one chooses  when it come to Marriage.Nowadays we choose,Man chooses,Woman chooses.Girls and Boys contemplate on whom to choose when they become Adults.God and Devil is interested in the institution of Marriage,as God is ready to build and established a wonderful and perfect Marriage to those who are his, the devil attacked it, looking for loopholes to come in and wreck Marriage.

I have seen troubling Marriages and many Blissful ones.Why is that an honourable institution like Marriage should have troubles? God never made it that way but the works of men.Homes are breaking up at an alarming rate.Divorce is everywhere! Many Marriages are dead,many are sick and many are vibrant.If your marriage is ailing don't give up ,know for sure "the devil is jealous of your Marriage".All will be well.I want to tell you that your time is in the hand  of Lord.The time of refreshing shall come into troubled Marriages in Jesus name.

More than  anything you need God.I knew myself i need God.It is a sensitive time which required "no going back".It is a matter of Life and death,till death do us apart!Christians are not to divorce.Looks terrible isn't it?
As a youth one thinks "what of if the madam changed her behaviours after one or two kids? what of if the daddy turn out to be Holyfield or Mike Tyson.What if there is problem on the way? That's why many consult the astrologers to determine how compatible there-to-be man or woman is to them? Many rely on parental advice ,only few consult God.

I don't deceive,i like going to points.I do try to be objective as much as possible.It is not easy.Not that i have found  the right woman but i know i shall found because my guide is God.I have the faith.

You want a blissful Marriage , my dear youths and spouse seekers you need God.He only knows  the future, you don't.Let us all come to him today.He will surely answer prayer from a truthful hearts.Tell God "Enough is Enough, God you must give me my own partner"."God i am preparing- for you need to prepare"."God i don't want to keep breaking hearts and i don't want to be jilted,most women hate that word".
God will  hear a true repentant heart prayers you prayed fervently.

Pray for your Marriage today!!!!


Friday, January 15, 2010

The God of Israel

This blog's posting today is all about Mr Jabez.

The Bible said his mother named him Jabez because he was born in sorrow, to grow in sorrow even his mother has given him another destiny other than God's, to die in sorrow. 

He grew up with that name.I believe at first he would count it as nothing to be called Jabez.He is completely unaware of the social malaise his name will drag him into in the near future.He never know his name has been bottled with sorrow.He never knew should he be bottled as wine the finest one in town, no man will never bargain to have him on his shelf.

 He  never think that one day he is going to pray to Yahweh until  one day that he started praying to The God of Israel.

I was at The International Convention Ground of my church for the General Blessing Day popularly called TEMI NKO  in my Yoruba dialect.TEMI NKO in my mother's tongue means "Where is mine or What of mine"

There is a song usually sang every second Wednesday  of the month in this service.Let me sing it here for you;
                                  Iwo to ko'le meji feni kan,
                                  Temi nko ooo,eeeeaaaaaaa...
                                   Olorun mi temi nko.
The song above means You God who built 2 houses for somebody,where is mine?
Mind you the list is endless,sometimes the minister could say You God who bought 10 cars for somebody, where is mine?

The service is the first of it this year and a huge  testimony of success, healing, protection, deliverance  among others were shared by people.

Yes back to the topic.

However ,i won't continue without telling you that i picked the topic from the service.During the sermon Pastor G O Olutola who is the  LAWNA Chairman and who chaired the service preached about the God who answered Jabez's request.

Now ,  please come on with me as i tell you more of Jabez.Though i have read  and heard sermons about Jabez, a transforming one just like the one i heard there , i want to put down the application of it to what i see all around me.

In the midst of sorrow, Mr Jabez called on God requesting of four or five things.In 1 Chronicles 4:10 The Bible said Jabez called on the God of Israel.... And God granted him that which he requested.

That's wonderful, isn't it ?

The application today.Do we make any application at all ? How do we go about it in making our  requests or prayers known to God ? To whom does our requests go to? On what ground do we pray?

In our days it is hard to see people going God's way to rid their problems.We just carry the slogan around "God's time is the best" without practicing it.How many of us do wait for God's time? Though there is something hidden in the Bible portion taking as text here. That hidden fact is " for how long has Jabez been praying to God of Israel before his requests were granted? It might be more than often,for he grew up with that name, who knows, but God granted him his prayers at the right which made it possible for proper documentation.Should God  have blessed him before the writer of chronicles got to know about him, the story , perhaps may change., but God blessed him at the right time and he became more honorable than his brethren.

How often have we been pressing our needs before God? Do we look on people than God for solutions over our problems?

Many give pastors money to pray for them.Many spent lots and lots to get through to God, thinking that they are too dirty , too sinner as not to be heard by God.

Some pray both to God and devil.Many seeks help from the spiritualists despite the fact that they have prayed, fasted and have seek God's face over their problems.

Many pray through lust, jealousy,selfishness,many on the ground of flesh.

The truth is that God sees you when you pray, hears you while you open your heart, hears you when you begin to pray but he is not going to answer you if your prayer is not in line with Him.

The God of Israel hears every prayers. That God, He is your God and mine.Through Christ His Son we all  have access to him, so  make your requests known to him as Jabez did.

Hello my readers why not pray today to that God of Israel about all and all your problems.Remember if i were to tell you my problems i won't tell you all.However  when i am in God's presence i will pour out all my heart.Why? He is the God of Israel.

Remember what He said, He said "I AM that I AM",THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, OF ISAAC AND OF JACOB".

Monday, January 11, 2010


God who gives beauty also gives ashes, we failed to recognize that on the issue of governance.Nigeria is in her trying period,i pray it is over  and i pray God in his infinite mercies will see us through. Amen Nigeria through prayers and obedience we can get to that land of promise.

Pray for Nigeria,she is in her trying period.God is testing the minds of those who are  in the position of authority in this nation testing  to know if they have they changed or not,whether they were they still wicked as they were in those republics days, hence  let's pray  for extra cautions.

Only God knows tomorrow, so take caution! Take caution and learn from history!!
I hope the Lord will change his mind concerning Nigeria for evil is determined against her.Nigeria get soiled when we least expect.These are signals that we backslides than improving.We should be very careful,if  ordinary citizens could take laws into their hands how much  military.I am no diplomat but saying my own.

The politicians are not ready to pray. what we have been reading  and hearing now  shows that the opposition parties, too, don't fear God.I once heard  a prophecy where God through a prophet said "this year is a year of recompense.His  promise to recompense  every unfair treatments meted out to civilians in this nation should stir repentance rather pride throughout the nation..
Let's pray  that our beauty is not turned to ashes.God has beautify this nation but the enemy of our nation is bent on pulling it down.When God finished searching hearts he will judge. God knows our hearts and he sees every one.We look on face but God looks at the heart!We may carry beauty on our faces but ashes in our hearts.If we are in such shoes that can't help.We need help but not helping ourselves.We NEED TO PRAY FOR Mr President for his quick recovery!!! 

For us to win God's heart again, to retain beauty instead of ashes, we need to obey God rather  than  political godfathers!!!
God bless Nigeria.

Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Motto!

Thank my job don't stop me from going to the special service at the international convention of The Apostolic Church.If you don't know that's the church i attend.

Be pleased O  LORD to deliver us ; O LORD  make haste to help us.

His promises are sure says the word of God the bible.

This year is a year of Deliverance and Divine Help said the Lord provided we walk in holiness with him.
The Lord want us to what pleases him.He is interested in our relationship with him.He promised to deliver and i believe in him. I know the Lord shall deliver and he shall truly help.

Brethren the Lord is ready to help and he will help those who do his will in this year we are in.

I will enjoin us to be faithful with the Lord  for he is faithful.

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