The two Angels beckoned unto the Disciples while looking up on the mountain where Jesus ascended before their eyes. "Now when He had spoken these things, while they watched, He was taken up, and a cloud received Him out of their sight. 10 And while they looked steadfastly toward heaven as He went up, behold, two men stood by them in white apparel, 11 who also said, “Men of Galilee, why do you stand gazing up into heaven? This same Jesus, who was taken up from you into heaven, will so come in like manner as you saw Him go into heaven.”
This is just a tip of the iceberg. I hope what The Apostle Peter and Paul said of his imminent return gives another insights of his earthly returns.Brethren Christ comes.Keep looking up for the trumpet is at hand.Be at alert.

Jesus Ascension

Jesus Ascension
He is coming Again.Be prepared.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

"Christians Mournful Thoughts.... into the New Year?"

To the rest of the world,this is Christmas celebration time and hoping this yuletide will be a blissful and pleasurable one,however among us the Christians this season should have more values than these.The significance of Christ's birth  compare to  mere celebrations we see around us these days remain a wonder.Many celebrates the birth of Christ as if they have different Jesus.
I will like to remind such people that the Bible says in Heb.13 :8 "Jesus Christ,the same yesterday,today and forever", implying no other Jesus than the one who was born,crucified,resurrected,ascended up to heaven,coming back with great power and glory and in the company of His angels. to judge both the heavens and the earth.
In essence, mere celebrations provides no equal match to the personal testimony of our salvation in Christ Jesus.
Where are many Christians today?
God asked Adam,"where are thou?" inside the garden of Eden before they were driven out of the paradise! In the same shoe,the Lord is asking us Christians today "where are thou in the vineyard?"
Many of us as Christians are far below divine expectations on our 'living the life' and this prompts this question times and again..
Many  have lost the glory,the way the children of Israel lost the Ark to the philistines  on the battle field.
Many mourn,the way children of Israel  mourned that the Lord was no longer with them. ".............During that time,all Israel mourned because it seemed the Lord has abandoned them" 1 Sam. 7:2 NLT
Many mourn because they have lost the power of God in their lives.
Many have lost their anointing power.
Many no longer hear God speak again.Many no longer sees visions.
Many mourn because of their lost positions and territories.
Many altars of prayers and intercessions have become a pile of ruins.The enemy now glory over such altars causing the children of God to mourn.
Many mourn because the enemy is cheating them.
Many mourn because of their lost first love.Many mourn because they knew of their emptiness that  they only brag emptiness..
There are many who mourns that the Lord has abandoned them to their fate on marital issues and homes.

The children of  Israel mourned the Lord's absence for twenty bad years! They cherished the memories of the Lord God in their midst and they longed for the period of restorations.
Twenty years look quite long,how sad it was for them to mourned in and out of twenty years?
It must really be a sad situation for them.
Many of us are in their shoe,we also wanted the lost glory,we want happy reunion with our God.We have tasted Him,have felt Him,have seen His great and powerful deeds,we desire to be more victorious,we desire higher grounds but instead to claim them we were deprived,hence the mourning!

Samuel asked the children of Israel to forsake their foreign gods, their idols and their wayward livings,he asked them to draw near to God.He admonished them to stop the year in ,year out mourning phenomenon of  God's absence in their midst.They obeyed and seek God and the mighty hands of God descended once again and they crushed their enemies to dust in battles.

In year 2012,i am assuring you that if you draw closer to God  He will draw nearer to you,then you can rest upon His cares,His voice shall be sweet to your ears,you shall be victorious,and devil and his agents shall mark you out,even if they don't,the Lord with you,you shall wage victorious battles.
Stop the agonies today,invite the God  the children of Israel mourned His absence.He is a living God,that why they mourned that He rejected them.
Give it a try and you soon get back to the proper place God want you to be and should have reached in life.
You can stop the silent weeping and mourning today!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

In the midst of Life's troubles....:It is Well...,now and always!

Life is full of mountains and valleys but God sees them not!
Life's issues are the results we have, dictated by our reactions to those mountainous challenges we encounter in the process of life's growth.
We can no longer shy away from those issues of life,they are too glaring and daring?We have  come to grip the facts of life through them, and all these been revealed in every seconds' life of the adolescent the world all over, and this ever has remain some untaught lessons for the posterity to be wary of.The ups and downs in life,paved way for  the better understanding of what life brings our way.We recognized the good and the bad because we live the life and this is a prove that we are no spectators but an active participants in the world of troubles..
Life is not to be kept because it is not our property,only meant for our use! Honestly i want you to know that once you are born into this life,you have become a property of many parties.I may also want everyone to believe that life is no property of anyone,it belongs to God the giver.We do hear people said this erroneous words that,"it is my life...i will do whatever i want with my life....i am in charge of my life.....etc."Such statements are wrong notions about life.Remember Lot's wife who chose to disregard the instruction of the angel,who instructed them not to look behind,she did and become a pillar of salt!
God is the source of every living beings,source of every lives.He want us to live the life but not own it,otherwise METHUSELAH WOULD BE ALIVE TODAY!.
God ever want it to be well with you in this life,what he purposed for you are nothing but your  wellness  and well-being.There is no mistake in God's agenda for creating you and me and He was right to make rooms for our well being.You ought not to be afraid of this life because you own it for God.Has He sent you,go,go,go!Has He spoken,published,published! Has He bids you anything in this life,why hesitate? Go where He has sent you.Why take notice of whom you are living the life with,at the expense of him who has given you this life!Do you know you live here to qualify for another life?Eternity is the real life,strive to qualify and enter into it,make it,make it,it must be a struggle against every forces that don't want you to get there,not a coercion.You will get there  while you refuse to be coerced up into uniting with them.It is only then you can live beyond Methuselah!
Jesus warned that, he would loose it that want to keep his life but would gain it that lose it for the sake of the kingdom of God.Luke 9:24
In the midst of all life's troubles,Christ has assured us victory over all,as if that is not enough,He has assured us his presence with us NOW and ALWAYS. Mathew 28:20
Then brothers and Sisters,IT IS WELL NOW AND ALWAYS. The master is here and ever here with us in all difficulties of life.Trust Him and believe His unfailing words.
Choose Him!Why, my sons,daughters,friends,families,uncles,aunts,fathers and mothers should you want to remain in the valley of darkness,submitted to the devil.You cannot remain in the valleys of coercion for long, what an irony of life,even when you dwell too long in the valley of life it soon beget more mountains.
Have you call upon God in any situation of life threatening you? The remaining of the days in the year are still locked with bountiful testimonies.Bigger testimonies may be in the coffer for you.
Do you feels unloved seek Him that loves even when multitudes of faults abounds,what a testimony that Jesus loves you!He will flood you with Joy.Talk your heart over to Him.Pour them out to Him,He listens and will ever listen,discern His mind and wills, having done all this,should you hesitate to obey?No you shouldn't.Carry out His instructions and It shall be well with you!
The only language life's troubles understand is the words of God.Let Him speak into your Life.God be with you,more testimonies are still locked up in the remaining days of the year. Don't Give Up,it is WELL now and ALWAYS! Shalom

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Living the Life before Mountainous Challenges!

Mountains,the biggest nature's solid materials and of highest altitudes among natural occurring elements in the world.We all live with them,we go on tour to see the beauty of this natural elements or watch them in the media.The mountains crust stores in them most valuable natural resources,making our lives comfortable all round the world.When we are done with sports on the land,we go extreme to the mountains to explore what more this life has to offer us there, so we have ourselves; backpacking, rock climbing, snow skiing, snowboarding, adventure traveling, hiking among others.Job said in Job 28:1-11                                             "Surely there is a mine for silver,
      And a place where gold is refined. 2 Iron is taken from the earth,
      And copper is smelted from ore.
 3 Man puts an end to darkness,
      And searches every recess
      For ore in the darkness and the shadow of death.
 4 He breaks open a shaft away from people;
      In places forgotten by feet
      They hang far away from men;
      They swing to and fro.
 5 As for the earth, from it comes bread,
      But underneath it is turned up as by fire;
 6 Its stones are the source of sapphires,
      And it contains gold dust.
 7 That path no bird knows,
      Nor has the falcon’s eye seen it.
 8 The proud lions have not trodden it,
      Nor has the fierce lion passed over it.
 9 He puts his hand on the flint;
      He overturns the mountains at the roots.
 10 He cuts out channels in the rocks,
      And his eye sees every precious thing.
 11 He dams up the streams from trickling;
      What is hidden he brings forth to light."

From the above passage we can see that human generations have captured those challenges they went through subduing the mountains for sports,food,exploitative uses among others and have brought the effects into day to day activities.Some of the sports are dangerous and deadly but we have our people catching fun on many mountains,we also carry the joy,victory,losses,sorrow into our daily livings.The government of the world has seen nothing wrong in some of the sports but have recognize mountainous challenges in their day to day administrations.

The life we live without physical mountains,is also full of  mountainous challenges.Whatever gives people,you and me, cause for concerns,that made us sighs are nothing but mountains.They comes under different shades,challenges,shapes and mode.However they constitutes problems and serve as lessons to those who have come across them.If i may ask you as you read this blog,have you in anyway recognize something in your life as difficult situations you must overcome? It could be in any facet of life.What are your reactions towards the challenges  when life is hard?How do you handle the situation?

If i am to keep on writing and philosophizing,  my scheduled time for blogging will be gone.
What did Christ say about Mountains?Did He said we should use hammer to scatter them,or He asked to begin to drill through until we are able to split it,no,no, He said nothing on the nature of those mountainous issues but our Faith.Faith is the killer of mountains in our lives.Faith in its reality.Faith in God.Its not in the power of the hammer and not in the might of the biggest drills in the world but Faith, in the power of the Holy Spirit.When your mountains come to you,and against you apply Faith, and you shall have them beneath your feet

Do you look at the mountainous sides of your problems in this life? Why should you,all you need to do is to exercise faith in the power of God.Jesus asked us to employ the power of Faith in the Holy Spirit,to drive our mountains into the sea.I want you to know that when those mountains are gone ,we come to see all benefits before us and have them.When a mountain move into the sea it becomes a stone.Keep moving them into the sea,they can never fill the sea to a significant volume.
I pray you receive  the power to exercise this Faith from God and have every mountainous challenges of this life thrown as stones into the sea of life never to come up again in Jesus name.Amen.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Where...Why .... are Thou......?

When asked most of these questions by friends,parents,other family members we tend
 to respond according to our mood rather than simplicity.
We answer people the way we don't want them to answer us most of the time.
It is good to be considerate of others,be mindful of what you are going to say,when you are before that person.Be careful of your speech when you are with the other persons too.
A wise man is known by his words.You will be wise to give a very plain answer always,simple answers is the best.The Bible talk of people who value answering people like Job,David,King Solomon Christ too!
I do converse with people who says,"you see, you can't understand what i am saying".Hmmmm... i do think about what they told me after such statements.Watch out,it is jargons full of lies!
I guess women are always the victims and victors of such conversations.I guess  they were victims out of curiosity but victor through feminine nature
It is also rampant among students,colleagues and friends.It is a form of comic lies!
Some diplomatic will argue that  it is good to be diplomat in speech,a little twist of your words,pruning here and there and tastefully delivered like the president Obama's slogan and speeches on the "Change We Can Believe In" to the Americans and the world.My advice to myself is be simple in conversation.
Yes is Yes,simple and No is No period!
Answering others' question politely is a mark of good character,when you submit to others in your answers,you have marked yourselves aright.To submit to someone means telling them the truth.
 For example:
Where are you?

What are you doing there?
I am sick but have been getting better.

Will you be my girlfriend?
Oh i am sorry,i can't,

Where are you?
I am in the Hostel.

Where are you going Bro.?
Going to the classes.

When do you intend to marry?
God's appointed time=I don't know.

Who do you desire to marry?
My desire is dependable on God's direction.

When we answer people very simple like this they tend to understand even in a very difficult circumstances.
I am going to adopt this formula in the university to God's glory.

It is just about a simple rhyme i have learned,telling me not to say YES when i mean NO..........

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Praise the Lord,the long desired admission!

Here is the tingling news, the admission has come through.....Hallelujah!
Praise be to God Almighty for his kindness and journey mercy while coming back from the University admission test.
I am glad to inform you that a ray of hope has come true.
I look forward to be in the University soonest,though i have been home sick these days,unable to move a pen,i think God is teaching me a lesson there,that my good health is the first hope.
I hope to explore the University and that to the glory of God.I have no time for dating,am not going to Ibadan to seek for a wife.I see what i am going  to learn there as the basic reason of going to campus.
Though,as Methuselah i may look like,considering my age,i remain dauntless,and i am going to apply the essence of my going to the campus on a full scale to everyday life issues.
My new Bible is a big driving force if ever you wonder what has influence me to make such decision!
I have a list of needs,Lord,please provide...............

Friday, August 12, 2011

The rays of Hope!

There are lots to write but few to say just like the deaf halloween candy!
I have much to write on my book but few to say over it now!
I think i should share  recent development with you ,i have been recording significant progress in my writings.Glory be to God.
Writing a book,in particular, a development one on religious matter is not an easy task for an amateur like me! In this midway situation, though vaguely pressing on i am grateful to God that he keep supplying every needed materials.That's my first hope!

There are multitudes of facts begging my attention on daily basis.Writing has become pressing  issue needing timely attention and i have adopt the strategy of writing in the library on a full scale.I now made used of library extensively these days.I tried to shift my attention on the book,have neglected nearly every other areas of life.
The habit of writing is now coming upon me as if i need have one to clothe myself.If writing was to be clothing i think i will have it in suits!
My new Bible is helping a lot and my new Oxford Dictionary.That's another ray of hope.

My Admission into college presently on its way is the third ray of hope,though not the best of the three.I see it as a complement, because this desire to write is there in me and i have access to that divine source,tell me what else.I knew college too would contribute immensely to my writings but i can do much even better without college!

Friends have been another source of hope.Online friends,people who are old enough to be my parents,asking me if i have been writing my books.I am always pleased to have them around me and am happy for all their encouragement and advice.

The atmosphere of the church in Nigeria too has contributed not in small measure to my  writings and i hope on the completion of the book i will have these five rays of hope to look back on with great admiration and respect.You, reading this blog is the last ray of hope!

I am on the process to get an admission into the prestigious university of Ibadan,Nigeria to study Christian Religious Studies.I will keep you updated when i get the admission.
See you all in Jesus name!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Lord's red-lettered words!

I like reading the red-lettered words in the Bible because they were spoken words of  Christ's  three and half years ministrations on the earth,but they have continued disproving every wisdom coming against them  since they were spoken.
It is a common thing to hear from most preachers,what Christ  had said while he was on earth during sermons and teachings.We do quote him in our many day to day conversations among ourselves as believers,when we are in the midst of the unbelievers, even we confessed His words before the demons.
In trials we overcome always when we speak His  words in form of testimony in our own lives! There is no real Christian worker who never quoted Jesus words,even the devils quotes His words!
As a  born saviour of mankind who came to redeemed mankind from the power of sin.
He said in one of  His red lettered words that " I have come that they may have life and that they may have it in abundance."
That is, that we may live and not perish!
We are to rejoice that we have such precious and assuring words at our disposal whenever we  are in a state of despair with regard to what the future hold in stock for us! I am glad to tell you again that the voice behind the red lettered words of the Bible is still alive and speaking!
I have come to the level where i can rely on the words of the Lord both  the red lettered and the others.There are many millions speeches out there which shall never find their way into the Bible but took their roots from it.They can come from prophetical messages,words of wisdom,visions,dreams,sermons and teachings through men and vessels of God.You too can hear directly from the Lord.Desire it  too,and you shall hear the living Lord's voice speaking to you his red lettered words.

Have you ever read some other red lettered words in the Bible?You can find them in the synoptic gospels of;Mathew,Mark,Luke and John.It was there in Acts of the Apostles too, you can also  found them in the Book of Revelation.I wonder how you  feel when you made an attempt to do read them?
Do you come up yearning for more even to the point where you draws heaven to your soul or do you found your mind asking rhetorical questions!
Last two months we were hearing some rumours that the world will come to an end a certain day,i just imagine what an inglorious carnal expectation this brilliant but absolutely wrong calculations was!
The Lord told me from the red lettered of the Bible that ,concerning the day of rapture,it was only His father in heaven who knows about the date!
I observe that we would save ourselves from troubles and panic when we rely wholly on the foundational words of our faith! The Bible and the words of God.
You cannot believe in other books of the New Testament without faith in Jesus words,works of mighty deeds.You cannot come to the level where the Lord speaks to you on a daily basis when you have not mastered and defend His spoken words while on earth!
Paul was a very good example who heard the red lettered words of Christ,outside the Bible.
May the Lord's words find  fertile grounds in your souls,Amen

Monday, June 13, 2011

Ebenezer - A stone of help !

The Bible said "God is our refuge and strength,a very present help in trouble" Psalm 46:1 .
This reminded me of  "Days of Elijah" a song i love so much,that when it come to where we sing
   "there's no god like Jehovah"
   "there's no god like Jehovah"
and when he sings,
    "say it loud!...."
I begin to explode,rocking the song to any extent i could,in fact if devils were around they are sure to commit suicide!.The song creates the avenue to ponder on God's wonderful doings,it takes me to the  point where i begin to remember those places,events,incidents,issues and decisions either taken by me or someone else which God has used as stones of help in my life and in other people's lives! Indeed there is no god like Jehovah.I LOVE AND ALWAYS ENJOY THE LYRICS!
Very recently,a couple of weeks ago,i could remember i was once LOCKED UP in one of the Nigeria regular Cell.I was locked up in cell for almost four days on the charges i never committed and will never commit.I once wrote on my blog on the nature of my Job.Security Job is no menial job, though people were paid as if they work like grasshopper yet they work like giants! We are accused of breaking in and stealing in one of the residents flats and best to my knowledge such event is unlikely to happen,though i never can trust everyone i trust myself and i never ever seen the Ladder!
The company i worked for could not help us,but God helped me!

Cell in this country is a den of death.Lions were in there and they were fierce,i mean real and confirmed dared-devils!
The first trouble i encountered  immediately we were locked up was food security.I had not contacted any of my family before we were taken to the police net!I had to share foods with my other colleagues,we ate with raw bare hands!No personal hygiene rules was observed inside the cell,i can't just imagine all i did there were all done by me,i didn't bath for almost two days and i bath once in the cell and no brushing of teeth throughout my stay in the cell.I remembered how  the eldest among the six of us was rubbing his mouth and teeth with his fingers on our third day of been locked up.Mouths stunk like the Capulet's vault,yet they pounded foods as if they were the lions themselves!
.It was on the third day that my uncle came to see me after one of our visiting colleagues had contacted him on his phone and informed him of my plights,phones were collected from us and were switched off!  I can remember how hot tears were dripping down my cheeks as if it will soon turn into ocean and flood up the cell and open it out.Honestly i wept in there and i was very much uncomfortable.We cramped up in there but we are thirty one cellmates,the cell's president  told us that there are instances where there are about ninety people inside the cell,there was no strength in me when i heard that and i can see the same panic on my colleagues faces!

The Cell has become a place of help (an Ebenezer)to me.I am sure to remember the place in future,where i, as innocent as purely as possible on this incident was locked up inside a cell.
Inside the cell,the Holy Spirit asked me to pray in tongues and i did,was comforted in the cell and i was ministered to,in there that,because one is a  Christian does not say one will not be locked up.Jesus once talked of the young ones who are in prison because of him!
I was in prison and you visited me,...Yes,because you have done it to one of these little ones you have done it to me.
Though i am opting out of this Job,even let me say i have opted since the incident,i have developed some security wise tactics and have learned a great deal of lessons,however not with disadvantages i have got arthritis on my palm foot!I think this is the major reason i am leaving, also i am going back to college God's willing.
I  pray that  i shall keep walking in the Lord,keep praying and keep yielding myself  unto the Lord without looking back wherever i go.
Praise the Lord with me and please enjoy the song with me:
                                                   THE DAYS OF ELIJAH

These are the days of Elijah        
Declaring the Word of the Lord
And these are the days of Your
Servant Moses
Righteousness being restored
And though these are days of
Great trials
Of famine and darkness and sword
Still we are the voice in the desert crying
Prepare ye the way of the Lord

Behold He comes riding on the clouds
Shining like the sun at the trumpet call
Lift your voice it's the Year of Jubilee
Out of Zion's hill salvation comes

And these are the days of Ezekiel
The dry bones becoming as flesh
And these are the days of
Your servant David
Rebuilding a temple of praise
And these are the days of the harvest
The fields are as white in Your world
And we are the laborers in Your vineyard
Declaring the Word of the the Lord
                                                                                                            Donnie MCclurkin

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The World's Security and Peace-In between Osama's terrorism and Japan's disasters!!!!!

I  have tried searching my mind for the reasons why i waited long to write on Japan's natural disaster,but have found little if no reason at all, and what i think restricted me is nothing but the shocks i felt when the news was on air.I was sad to hear about it all.This natural disaster,an earthquake of 9.0 magnitude,a very powerful one claimed some thousands of lives,and have goods and properties destroyed few months ago.The whole world was thrown into a mournful state and i think that's one of the reason i have no strength to write on Japan's disaster,honestly i sympathizes with my long loved country on what befell her.May the good God grant Japan the fortitude to bear the losses in Jesus name.Amen
I love Japan.I prayed for her  before the incident,because here in Nigeria there have been prophecies of great earthquakes rocking some parts of the world.
 I am blogging on the World's Security and Peace today
What happened in Japan was a breach on the world's security  just like the Sept.11th terrorists' attack on United States of America.The disaster in Japan claimed lives and properties just the way the planes crashes destroyed so many lives and goods in America.These two incident shocked the whole world because they both claimed lives on large scales and threw the world into states of panic.
However, while Japan's disaster was natural the incidents of Sept.11th 2001 was calculated attempts from the Al-Qaeda which claims responsibility of the assault on American states.Bin Laden,the leader of the group has just been hunted down in reprissal of the killings his group masterminded on America, almost ten years after the inglorious day and thirteen years after he was been hunted for!! The two incident were not contemporary, though they happened to have the same effect on us all,the grip of death!
I am sure many were glad to hear of his death across the world because many who want closure and justice for Sept.11th get some small measure of those.
Then,we can be sure that justice is not going to give us any better form of Security and Peace as we may expect or desire it to be.The true fact everyone here and there knows is that Al-Qaeda is still alive!! The enemies of the World's Security and Peace is still around,we don't know their next move,we are too unsure.We are always at loss to determine their strategies on next moves.This group and every other terrorists out there are secretive enough to unleash their terrors when we least expect and alert.Curative security just like what's done to Bin Laden cannot deter the hardened terrorists.We need Preventive Security.
What can we do then to make this world a safe place for us to live in?
We need faithful hands and mouths working together toward constructing faithful policies.We need faithful governments all around the world,unbiased in politicking, healthy in international relations and believe in the rule of law because these will go a lot of miles in achieving Security and Peace.To heal our ailing world we need the Government of God because without it,we cannot desire to please Him so as to be healed.There is no perfect Government like the Government of God in Heaven.Scientist claims the world has been for several billions of years and in our midst today are strong evidences of God being and presence.If the Government of God has been from several billions of years,then why do we reject the principles of God's governance all over the world.We need to change in our attitudes to other people.Countries that want to be world police should not be biased,when such countries do act in such  biased ways they tend to create enemies for themselves.
Above all,we need to tolerate one another.We should create smooth international relations among ourselves.World union bodies should not be biased or be in the act of unstopping favouritism.We are not to welcome terrorism into our neighbourhood.Nations should fear God and abhor terrorism.
Lastly,we are to accept God's verdict and be very much at alert in every little effort we can muster.
May God be with Japan and help this island of greatness to flow once more again in success and prosperity.Amen.May God heal her land and that of her neighbours from earthquake and every other natural disasters.Amen
May God help America,protect her and be with her always.May God help her leaders to be true and faithful to themselves and the rest of the world.May God help America to be clean and holy once again  and may the Revival of Spiritual Re-awakening blow through and across her states again and again in Jesus name Amen
May the Peace of Christ rest upon us in this world.
Finally, my prayer goes to the World at large including the terrorists,may God's kingdom come,may real truth come,may peace and security be,may Christ reign in every country and may the good Lord meet Faith in our world when he comes back.Amen and Amen.

I am still on my manuscripts,a bit slow and a bit of pauses,significantly though i am writing on and making some improvement.I am praying now too,thinking on what could be the price to have virtuous wife,i and i think such dealing will be between the man and our God,also i have been reading from the Bible, some of the promises  which have to do with Marriage and its issues.
I am going back to college, however with changes in career.I am going to college maybe in a year's time to study Religious Studies with a minor degree attached ,now i have got the major qualifications required to enter college for the intending degrees.
I am also researching into the book of Revelation.
Presently too,i am wondering why Africa,the lands of the Blacks has always been in blackness and has ever been backward in the comity of nations.Africa has mostly depended on grants and aids all her life!!A thoughts of thoughts
I think i have told you what effects those books i told you of earlier in one of my blogging has been having on me.

Goodwill of God be with you all in Jesus name,Amen

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Books shaping my Life now!

I have been reading some books and they have been making a lot of impacts on my life.I don't want to keep you in the dark concerning what i am passing through now.The Books are very important to me,they are life changing books.I am grateful to those lives that think it a worthy assignment,to have written those books.
You might have your very important books but i do think mine's too are unbeatable in compare to yours.Then, what are my books constructive impacts on my life and how far have the books achieve their aims in my lives.
The Bible comes on top on the list,no substitutes, even a single of best selling books has no daring capacity to challenge the position of the Bible in my life.The Bible holy words are shaping me to the perfection standard of our God.Read Bible often too and let God have his way in your lives,and i can assure you that your lives shall never remain the same again.

  I love the daily sweeping away of sludge and worldly thoughts from my life.The more the Bible the more the power to say No to every evil advances the world brings, on daily basis.

I was given the second book at my former office in Ikoyi.The Occupant came to our office and hand over to us some of the books he had bought from overseas.I was glad i have this book i found to be a life changer without any bitter struggle for it.I only managed to ensure that the book was with me before the office closed down.That book is down  there in a paperback cover titled "Science A History".                                                                    
 The Book is awesome and very much an eye opener to the cause of all technological development we have around us today.I am grateful to God i have the book as free as possible.I have been trying to lend it out too to friends and families for free,in the manner i received it.I read about the history of great men and women who had made science a comeback to,for me.I have once departed the shore of science but now i am back!

The third of these book is my own manuscript.I have been writing my first book ever, a non fiction Christian book which is based on Judgment.I shall keep updating  you on this book.

Have great times of your life  with some books now.
Peace of Christ be with you.


Friday, March 4, 2011

When the Devils ask me again!

I have always wanted to be a writer, and i have so much wanted to write at the dictate of my Lord Jesus Christ.I am very pleased to have him telling me what to write and how to write because my products will be so much different,just the way Solomon's wisdom excelled all the wisdom of the men of the east.
Honestly,i have always dreamed to write on the dictate of the golden pen of my God on whatever issue he wanted me to address,for i have this notion that books are there to address one problem or the other..I have a motto on my dreams  to be  a writer for the Lord.This is taken from the Bible Psalm 68:11 "The Lord God has spoken and great is the company of those that publish." I love the Lord's way of revealing his minds,i believe in his words,for they are sure words,already purified,tested,and proven to be true,unfailingly and timely in its moment of fulfilment,strong and powerful,lovingly and merciful.
I have this in mind too before flagging this motto as my writing logo that "those who proclaim the words of the Lord, his words of good tidings,are always a great host".I believe i am part of them.
However the challenger of every good doings of the Lord,never wanted me to be a writer to the glory of our God.I have been bombarded several times by the Lord's opposers the devils,on why i wanted to be a writer for the Lord.The devils even goes  longer way,accusing me of gainsayings and money love.I don't notice such in my life however,i wanted to write for the progress of the Lord's missions only and always.I always want to join the group of those that publish the progress and fruits of the Lord's works.
I have this poem out of all that my soul went through at the period of temptation and i will like to share the poem with my friends,online friends and the others who will read this blog.I hope when the devils come again after my chosen career,i hope you will all join hands with me in raising my poem as my confession to write for the Lord always.
I call the poem : MY GOD IS A WRITER  and it is the dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ who has the Golden Pen.

             MY   GOD   IS   A   WRITER   
Ages ago,my God was a writer,
Sole Author over unbundled languages estate.
Voluminously scripted planned master words, of ages ago,
Seconds without,would men's tongues,his languages,read not,
Save Heaven,this vast estate who can dictate?
Waste away my life,should you this adventure venture!
His,is prolific,sovereign writings,remarks accent of his Holiness,
Awesome library of his languages,at it, me sprawls!
Oh what a great writer God,my God is!
That mercy and truth pathway his books,
Righteousness and peace kisses therein,on plurality scales,
Great commandments,statutes and ordinances,through his books roars!
Baring raw truth that damns raw graves,
Hesitate not,divine expertise and into,your pure service
command me!
Your golden pen's command,my fingers desire,
engage me!
And at your will,free flow my hand shall speed,
For nothing else, busy the world to read,save your languages!
For books are languages and languages are books,and by this virtues,
The languages we read are the books of my God.
Yet, from future to another ages, my God is a writer.

I have always prayed,i will have the noddings of God in  my writings that catapults,to greater heights.I am sure,now in the service of my God i am consoled to have his ears to all that grieves my souls and when the devils comes back to me again on this issue,i shall voice out more boldly that i have a great writer God.He authored the languages all the world read with.Who can search them out,who can scale out through their lessons? It would take more than ageless Methuselah to achieve that.There is no moment of the days that people of the world don't make use of God's books of languages.That's why i have this new notion in mind that,Languages are books and books are languages.My God is a writer,a notice to all devils.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Spiritual Mubarak and Egypt

The world has known that Egypt has succeeded as a country, having ousted out from power the government of President Mubarak of Egypt,a ruler of his country for a period of just thirty years!I said just thirty years to help the flushed out President ,of course.I think in his mind now,he would be thinking he had not been giving fair chances to further keep helping his loved country,by sitting on top of their heads in Egypt.Who knows,if he had been unjustly dealt with,by the gathering of the Egyptians on that unholy ground,on which,i believed they must have prayed during some of their religious programmes.
However the Egyptians have succeeded in eliminating the unwanted government of Mubarak and his cabinet but have failed to remove the spiritual Mubarak and the spiritual Egypt.If there is any country i need or must to pity in the course of the history of this world it would be Egypt.The country had numerous lists of spiritual Mubaraks that have stemmed or branches from the wicked pharaoh of the Bible.I wonder when they are going to deal decisively against the ghost behind their leaders and country.It is ridiculous that Egypt with her political records will still come outside the Bible's history to behave as they did very recently.Honestly i never knows Egypt suffers even though they are a country in Africa just as my country.
Egypt as a country has ever had a tag of lukewarmness in her and the Bible has the record that those who go to Egypt for help goes there for their own hurt.In the present Bible theology,places  not in connection with God is taken as Egypt.The world is still  in Egypt though a bad government might have stepped down,i don't see anything to rejoice with Egypt save that,they made changes never to be found in the Bible.The spiritual Egypt is still against Egypt.
In our lives too,just as Egypt has her own bane of Mubarak and Egypt of higher level, so do we.Many Christians are still dining with Egypt,feasting with the princes of Egypt,rocking with maidens of Egypt and trading time,money,thoughts,beliefs,culture, to mention a few with the Egypt world.
Whatever is not from God in your life is from the spiritual Egypt.Whatever is in your life moving you against God,rendering you useless in God's hands is your Mubarak.It may be your religion,if you have not given your lives to Jesus,your religions are your Mubaraks,when will you declare to them that,Enough is Enough?When are you going to give your life to Jesus?
There are many,in the political atmosphere of Nigeria that are noted for their neck-deepened corruption acts and attitudes even than the government of Mubarak of Egypt,to such people,corruption is their own Mubarak,i wonder what they shall do when Nigerians embark on the natural Egyptian revolution,helping them to molest the embezzling Mubarak away from their lives!!I just hope we will not one day from Lagos drive in millions to Abuja to have them out from Aso Rock and National Assembly,if corruption persist in Nigeria into the future!!However i believe Nigeria can deal with their spiritual Mubarak and have our name out from the friend list of  spiritual Egypt,only by divine intervention.
What is the main lesson in this Egypt saga is that,"The devil will remain in a sinner's life for a time to be,if there are no massive efforts to have him ousted and have Christ,the son of God,enthrone himself as King in such life".I pray more of Jesus power to crush out every Egypt out from your lives now in Jesus name.Amen

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Good Future

The today's blogging is just on what you have just read.I read on a friend's Facebook wall, that what we need most in our lives is Good Future.
Good Future begins from nowhere but in todays and the fading past.Good Future for many may have a very weak past but a strong  todays and for others everything is good.I am among those with challenging todays.I am looking toward the future with  the eagle eye but a moss feet.I have my strength from nowhere but my weakness tangential force is well known.I  can count the strong spots of my weaknesses on  daily basis.I know i am weak but in the Lord i am strong,Future outside the Lord is bleaky for me i am sure..
I have always hope my future shall be as a youth in America.I have always thirsted for and have never been quenched with materials wanted for myself.I am never satisfied with the materials i needed.I am the most needful man on earth now!!There is nothing i don't need,i need you,need more time,money,need helper, as if God would just do the same he did in the garden of Eden.Oh i am lost on this thinking once again!
However to keep me from drowning the words of the Lord has always be my consolation all of the times when the flood of this world is all over me and drawing me to the rope of no hope as if all is going to stretch life out of me,to flush me away,the time of serious challenge just like the time i am in,i still have my hope that,he said behold i am with you even until the end of the ages.
My Future has been delivered into the Lord's care,what of you don't let the devil take away your Good Future,the ladder to your peak in life.
Lord have your way now, from my today into my Future while i live well now.

Friday, January 21, 2011


I don't know if others too have experienced,once or more in their lifetimes what i am writing about today.
I am writing on what happen when we wake up from sleep.We as human beings have had common issues together,many have experienced similar situations with their enemies,neighbours and friends.It is not new these days to see someone who will categorically revealed to you that, what you are passing through is not a  strange thing at all,or a new issue.You will be surprised at their indifference to your plights and in a matter of time you soon realized that previous emotions built up in you by virtue of the tensions already created by whatever it is that trouble you soon got reduced or diminished.
What happened in the mid-night today has happened to me before,though not frequently, it do happen but in varied degrees,it is not only in song too.
I woke up with a song playing right into my ears.It was a favorite song i love listening to, composed and sang by Evangelist Ojo Ade  "Wundia"
Wundia means virgin and the song revolved round the parables of the five wise and foolish virgins as told us by the Lord Jesus.
The song goes thus;
"Wundia.... fororo satupa reeeeee
  Se giri Oko yawo de ooooooo
  O n bo,O n bo,O n bo ooooo
  Bi ole loru Jesu... n bo..."

I was thrilled while the song keep coming for miutes,i prayed and throughout  my preparation for work i was thinking over it.I thought of it too at work.I was thrilled but sad because of this evil world.Should Jesus come unexpectedly where am i going to be,how is he going to meet me,in sin or in holiness.What shall be my excuse,did i even have any reason for excuse?
Though i am a man i am sure the point of this song is on preparation and watching for the return of the Lord.Am i preparing for the coming of the Lord and how is the enemy viewing my life,am i his boy or a threat to his kingdom?
As you read this blog are you prepared for the second coming of the Lord too,are you sure?
When you wake up from sleep what songs do you hear? Is it Don moen songs or Celine Dion?It is mandatory for you to decide where you want to be in life after death.The bible says, it has been appointed for a man to die only once and after this, judgment.I pray that we shall not miss rapture in Jesus name. Please check your life if you are in Christ or not.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Loopholes

The toughest warfare is the warfare in which warriors in both sides of the war recognize the danger of a loophole.
Life is a battle as they say, but life's battle is a two dimensional sided warfare.
There are Spiritual warfare and Physical warfare(warfare on the go)
Life we live, is too short for us to understand that we are born into warfare and to fight in the warfare and to die in the warfare.We all have dreams, even fools have their aims in life.What has kept many from realizing their dreams has to do with timed evidences which are to be  reveal in loopholes.
The most susceptible part of our life to the arrows of the enemy is the Future.The enemy has nothing to do with your past and today much  as he wanted to do with your Future and that is why,the best target of the enemy is to wreck tomorrow's stronghold.
We have lost many spiritual battles to the devils because of loopholes.
Loopholes are those activities we carry out when  alone,what we mastermind and carried out through the help of the devils.
It is easy to commit sins in the secret than in the light,that is a loophole.Loopholes are not necessary the sins themselves but the means of carrying out the sins.That you commit those sins when your parents are not there,the fact that your parent was not around whenever you committed those sins is a loophole.That you prophesy because everyone believe God's power touched you that day when it is not so, is another loophole.You create a loophole  when you hate  to accept  facts, when you are wrong.The loophole in king Saul's life did not start from disobedience it began from his listening to the voice of the people rather than the voice of God.
There are sins all over the world,sins are not loopholes,loopholes are hidden ladders in one's life to make you commit sin.Some people may have loosed tongue as loophole, or some may be talkative.Some,loopholes, in which enemies access their lives, may be through their talents.Many have fell into devils traps by virtue of the loopholes in their lives.
This New Year,the Lord is asking for a New Resolution.That thing,or those things that makes you to sin or push you into sin needs to be surrender to God.You will keep sinning if you don't let God destroy those loopholes out of your life.
I pray that the good God will save us from every loopholes that has been blocking us from having our breakthroughs,and thanksgivings.
Catch you next time but not in loopholes anymore in Jesus name.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The New Year Has Come

I have imagined something so peculiar with this year and next year which has to do with dating.The last time many of us will see a date like the ones i am writing about is 12-12 -12.Yes,this year we are going to 11-11-11 and after both of these it is going to be another story entirely.I hope you get what i am writing here.
You are welcome into year 2011 and i just want to inform you that God is with us,don't panic.God's grace,mercy and protection shall not diminish and his faithfulness is sure on us if we keep to him only.
Let God be for you this year, He has walked through this year before you,knows all that shall happen in your best interest and is ever ready to lead you into places of shelter from danger.God is faithful even in the midst of trials and i am sure He shall always be there if you will trust in Him.
According to Frank Laubach, he said,"God is speaking all the time,all the time".This year, endeavour to listen to God's voice.You need it,if you desire true friendship with God.
If you want to grow in this area, there are things you must do,you must;
1.Develop quiet time habit,strive to make it a regular habit.
Do you know why i said this?God usually visited Adam and Eve in the cool of the day,in the beginning of the world.For beginners, you need to start a regular quiet habit.When you begin from this,you will be able to differentiate the voice of God from your own voice and that of the devil.I pray the Lord see you through,it is easy.
2.Read your Bible daily, even at work.
When you do  this,you shall have peace of mind and clear picture on what God is trying to pass across to you.
3.You need to see God as being very near to you.
Develop the habit of thinking about God always even when you are eating,imagine God seeing you in whatever you are doing.Desire His friendship.
4.Strive to be right in your thinking.
God speak to the right minds.I have never read in the Bible where God speak to wicked or bad people on the wrong line,it is very wrong.God never speak to the wicked.He only sent his Prophets to them.Job's friends whom God spoke to were trying to be sincere with their friends and were trying to defend God. King Abimelech and the king of Egypt whom God appeared to in their dreams did all innocently.I hope you get what i am writing here.Remember this,God shunned king Saul and this forced him to seek the help of the mediums.
5.Keep tracks of records.Confirm God on some privacy he confided with you.
I mean when God show you anything or tell you anything always keep tracking records of them,it is a source of confidence against the powers of darkness when He did what He said.

Finally but not the last,keep praising God.Some Prophets during emergencies in the Bible have asked for singers to be brought in unto them and during the ministrations of those singers,the word of God came to them.
The Lord has given me a book to write this year 2011 and i am on this project now.
The good God shall visit your homes for divine surprises that shall made your going out and coming in this year divine laughter issues.
You are blessed.Shalom to you all.

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