The two Angels beckoned unto the Disciples while looking up on the mountain where Jesus ascended before their eyes. "Now when He had spoken these things, while they watched, He was taken up, and a cloud received Him out of their sight. 10 And while they looked steadfastly toward heaven as He went up, behold, two men stood by them in white apparel, 11 who also said, “Men of Galilee, why do you stand gazing up into heaven? This same Jesus, who was taken up from you into heaven, will so come in like manner as you saw Him go into heaven.”
This is just a tip of the iceberg. I hope what The Apostle Peter and Paul said of his imminent return gives another insights of his earthly returns.Brethren Christ comes.Keep looking up for the trumpet is at hand.Be at alert.

Jesus Ascension

Jesus Ascension
He is coming Again.Be prepared.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Devil at the Christ Cross-his failures on the plan of Salvation

I want to write on, what i think must have come up on  the mind of the devil about the Lord Jesus on the plan of Salvation.The battle began in the garden of Eden when our God gave the promise of Christ smiting the devil's head.
I am also going to write on how this adversary of God planned to thwart the will of God from coming to pass concerning his plan of Redemption which God has foretold from the beginning.
Please come along with me,to see through the most wicked thoughts that ever come up in the spirit realm.
Here is the devil's thinking:
Devil:|"Now that this God has spoken about my destruction,am i going to sit down and be watching his plans unfolding like that,Oh!! i must do something."
Fellow believers,do you know that he actually did many things?
He first broke God's heart,with the thought that when humans committed great wickedness and crimes ,God will surely wiped them out of the surface of the earth.Honestly, if we are to scrutinize this satanic plot ,we are sure to come to the same conclusion that he almost achieved his evil aim.
Let me shed light more on this.
The devil knew God's impatience to tolerate sin and that He cannot stand to behold wickedness and evil thoughts.He had  known that as a result of his own wickedness was he cast out from heaven and he hoped, then, that God must do the same to this human generations.He must wipe them out when he the devil finished afflicting them and manipulating their souls to be continuously  evil in thoughts.We are very lucky that the head of a single family find grace in the sight of God, and that man  is,Noah.
Please don't forget that he achieved his aim on Cain by making God cursed him.

The devil did not rest there,he continue to find ways to ensure that God's plans did not materialized,the plan of Salvation.
He employed another strategy, where he aimed to destroy the chosen race of God by provoking God to jealousy.He knew God as a jealous God who never wanted to share His glory with any idol.The devil therefore ensured that demi-gods,semi-gods and other gods come into view.Men began to worship them instead of God.They forsook God and eventually God was provoked,we all knew,how God almost destroy the children of Israel because of  the sin of idolatry.However Moses and other servants of God interceded for this chosen generation in the course of history.

I observed that God has narrowed his plan into a particular race and generation-the Children of Israel.The devil too aware of this,set himself against them and planned to rubbished the genealogy of Christ by ensuring that,David's throne become a mess!! Christ is to reign on the throne of David according to the promise  of God.the devil tried to rubbished the throne.He made David committed murder and not only that he even pushed him to the stage of concealing his sin.David repented of his sin and we have the record of this in Psalm 51 but not without God's curse on him and upon his house.
Later the plan of Salvation extended again to the whole world.That's very wonderful.

Other notable confrontations of the devil on the plan of salvation  came up in the New Testament.
He first stirred the wicked,king Herod against the baby Jesus.
The devil has prepared a very wicked king against the birth of Christ however our God has prepared an obedient parent to save his life.God checkmated the devil here Himself
Secondly, his three supersonic temptation tests, he gave Christ,which could have swept away,even the feet of  strong men .Glory be to God that Christ overcame.
Thirdly,the pharisees,high priests,Lawyers,sadducees gave Christ a very tough time.They made us realized how humbled Christ is and how determined he was to finished the work of Salvation.

Finally on the cross the devil failed woefully.Christ went to the cross having endured the shame and sufferings.He resurrected on the third day according to his word and  was seen by his disciples.They became His witness but the devil employed stiff opposition against them and against the Gospel.However the Lord gave the common charge to take the good tidings of  God's Salvation to people all over the world.


The devil cannot do the same.He cannot die and resurrect.He knew once he surrender himself to death,that is his end.He will never rise again.He has no power to laid down his life and take it up again like Christ.In this plan of Salvation,we have a challenge against the devil,the Lord brought this challenge up after his resurrection because Christ said all authorities has been given to him.He has the key to the hell and death.If the devil should of dying,he will be dead for eternity!!!!!

That message,the Gospel, has come to Africa, the most darkest of the world's continents and is spreading the glory of God.

Presently,the devil is at work again,he has gone back to his thought-board and has changed from the method of direct persecution to a life of comfort for believers,nowadays.
We all knew how the Church was persecuted in the days of Church history!!!Now the devil has adopted the method of  sit back  and live comfortably  against the Christians.

Christians,believers,the stage we are now is the end point of God's work of Salvation where every man must singly and fearfully work his or her Salvation through
 Please beware  and  work your Salvation with fear and tremblings.The devil must fail in our lives as we save others.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Christians Spiritual Background

Glory be to God that we are called from the darkness into His Marvelous Light.
   "Giving thanks to the Father, who has qualified us to share in the inheritance of the saints in Light." according to  Colossians 1:12 As  Christian men and women regardless of our different denominations,called from different backgrounds into the common background of the living God,we should keep walking in the Light of God.
In the beginning until the time of Christ,God has so much allowed the generation of mankind under different backgrounds but with reduced and considerable alienation of divine presence in the world.It has always been on and off issue even among the chosen of Abraham

How does different backgrounds come into play,you may want to ask?
In the beginning,as a result of man's fall, the continual evil thoughts emanating from the hearts of men,their daily wicked acts.Imagine when God looked down upon the  earth and found out that a single average man committed an aggregate of wicked acts amounting to the number of hours in a day ranging from:lying,stealing,cheating,backbiting,getting drunk up, to fornicating.... just to mention but a few which may be in repetition,brought the different patterns we are seeing today in the world as to how man viewed themselves and on which ground  they  can survive.These struggles have resulted into diverse spiritual backgrounds on the account of darkness,for their motive is to be far away from God.God began to be far away from men,they began to see him as a spirit whom they can get away from,as He is very far away.
This Implies two distinct backgrounds.
The background of God which is the light and the different backgrounds from which the devil  operates.
That's the beginning.
The Darkness comes into view.The Devil brought the darkness into men spiritual lives,wherever he is, there is always some sought of darkness.In Darkness, there are usually many backgrounds.That's why,in the spiritual world,there are more than many backgrounds operating as the power of darkness and ever since, have they  been in operation recruiting men into their evil backgrounds.

Nevertheless, the Light of God remained in the world because He(God) entered into a covenant with Abraham and a race from Abraham was separated unto God Himself where his own background in the course of man's history will abide.
Glory be to God for this, and for His love,He had on the mankind.His purpose is to be the God of this chosen Abraham's race,they will be his own chosen people until the time He had set for His Son, Jesus Christ the savior to redeemed mankind  unto Himself, the main and the true background.

When the world is without Christ,we all can read from every available evidences that they,before us groped in the  Darkness.Their minds too,  darkened by the god of this world,the devil.The devil in his subtlety has used these diverse backgrounds in homage to him fool men from craving for the Light but when the Son of God came,Christ destroyed the works of the devil.
 Eph. 5:8 says:
       "For you were sometimes darkness, but now are you light in the Lord: walk as children of light"
 The Lord has brought us into the Marvelous light  of God and has called us into His field according to
Acts 26:18:
       "To open their eyes so that they may turn from darkness to light and from the dominion of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance among those who have been sanctified by faith in Me."  And now we have to tell them what the Bible said that men should do with the Light
   John 12:36:
"      "While you have the Light, believe in the Light, so that you may become sons of Light."
 That's  the heritage we the Christians have.Once they believe in the light they become the sons of God.
Jesus said in John 9:5 "As long as i am in the world,i am the light of the world "
   The background that men came into after repentance is the light, and that is the only background that every true child of God should know.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

He is Holy

God is Holy.He is Holy.
There is no where His name is being mentioned that  his Holiness does not drive the Devil away in annoyance and sorrow.God's Holiness is a present history dated back to the beginning of the world.
What i love in God is my confidence to stand before him,why should i have the boldness to stand before God if not ,for, or that He is Holy.
David said,it is better to trust in God than to put confidence in princes and man.I want  you to know that,God  did whatever he wanted in Holiness, and that there is nothing He does out of Holiness.When He was confronting Abimelech in the dream,He came to him as an impartial Judge.If it is man,i cannot predict his own line of action because he could be bias in his reaction!!!!
I love to see God in action.When God stormed an issue,every party to that case come to term.He will judge in Holiness  and everyone will have no choice but accept God's verdict.
God's Holiness is pure and confirmed.His Holiness does not diminish in standard!!!His Holiness does not fluctuate.He is the standard of Holiness the world will always ran away from.
Is there any God as Holy as our God,i ask? Those who have, and put their trust in other gods knows their gods are unholy!!!
What do i mean by this?The gods of this earth has been proved several times to be  liars,even in this country!!!
I have read of a story in one part of Nigeria where their gods asked them to be killing twins.There,twin babies were regarded as abomination by their gods.Nowadays,who dares do that again in any part of that region? People will not dare to kill twins because their eyes have been opened to the real truth,that Children are the Heritage of the Lord.A Scottish missionary who served Jesus Christ in Nigeria in the town of Calabar is that wonderful vessel that God used to stop the killings of twins.Their unholy gods in that region of this country has been deceiving them into the killings of those who could have proved very useful to them  and  the whole nation.She is a year older than me when she entered into the missionary field and she was there in the field laboring for Christ until her death at old age.The Holy God brought her here to destroy the unholy gods' superstitions which has been cutting down the destinies of twins in that region.If that tradition  has survived into our independence,Calabar will be a notorious place to live for twins.Some other parts may borrow the evil culture too.If they kill twins you will hear them saying, at least they do that very well in Calabar!!!!

God will not lie to achieve His wills and intentions.He is too Holy to lie.I can never  follow after any god in this world because they are liar just like devil their father.The twins were thrown into the evil forest or they were used as sacrifice to these gods.That's what they feed on,i guessed ,that they then lied to the people that twins were abomination.

The gods of this world are bribe-able.Their judgement cannot be trusted because  they cannot judge in righteousness.

The gods of this world are unholy because they promote wickedness.People use them to do evil.They encourage sin,when one have put oneself under their care.
It is a doom of eternity to trust in gods of this world.

The acts of God in books of history and in particular the Bible proved that God is Holy.His Holiness in dealing with the gods of this world,with the kings of this world,with mighty men and women of this world and with the generation of mankind over the whole Earth proof that He cannot lie and that He is Holy and Righteous..

My mind knows that God is watching whatever man is doing  here on Earth and in His Holiness He may be giving  time for repentance  to come out of our evil deeds.When people keep on with their evil deeds,suddenly visitation of God will come and such visitations has ruined so many generations,let us remember Sodom and Gomorrah.Have you visited the place before?Have you heard from those who have gone to the place before?Do you know that the fire from heaven turned the place to a desert,completely inhabitable,even unto this day!!!!They  are in one of the deserts of the Arabs of our days

God as a result of His Holiness was grieved to his heart when he saw the hearts of men that it was evil continually.Men don't think the way God want when they are not in subjection to Him.They can't even do it says the Bible.
The Bible said God has called us with Holy -calling,will you take that call today?God want us to be Holy in all manner.Do you want to be  among the Holy men and Holy women of the Holy God?If yes,then be Holy.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

From the Daily Bible Calendar

From the yearly Bible calendar of Henry Groves,i think i have somethings spectacular to share with everyone here.The bible texts today in particular, the first Old testaments text Deut. 22:1-23:8
The message from the text is sexually related issues'.It is all about youthful thinking and actions on sex and fashion and married ones excesses.
I will advise you to please read the bible passages for better understanding.

Yes back  to my main posting today.If the traditions of the Jews on marriage have been protected or continuing even until these our days i will love to marry an Hebrew woman or let me say an Israelites woman.Why? I love  the way God laid down the rules in the bible passages.It also deals with the fashion interchange between men and women of our days.
It is a  pity that if God's law on Marriage is to be apply today most of our women will be bombed instead of stoning!!!They will deserve to be bomb.
Nowadays we talk of Spiritual virginity and that all, if the woman is able to find a born again man as well who will be in the same level as her or above her.Forgiveness in that level will be easy and past lives will be forgotten.
The issues of past lives of married couples have causing lot of havoc and  unpleasant incidents in the home.Lack of trust is there too.
Hmmmm i don't like this topic but i am under pressure and divine control to  post this blog.God is not happy at all,with all that is happening around us nowadays.Many women as a result of their worldly fashion are fast loosing good prospects in their marriages and ladies and men are on the brink of tearing to new diseases.
Now we have sexually transmitted diseases checking all our sexual excesses all round the globe.
God who gave Moses those laws knows what he is doing.Fashion should be a thing of glory to God who made it.I wonder whether we used to think why God first made coats of skins for them-Adam and Eve in the beginning.Nowadays it is like we are going back to the moments of aprons.Our progenitors made aprons for themselves but God made coats of skins for them.Please can someone tell me which is better?God covers their nakedness but now we are reversing back to the moments of aprons.Rubbish!!
Nowadays many of our ladies and married women are worse than Ogbanje Omenyi of Chinua Achebe's Arrow of God, whose husband has sent to her parents for a machete to cut the bush around the highway between her thighs.
Men too are very dangerous,but God who knows how damning a woman will be, first restrict women in the days of Moses.Tell me are we not hardened than those in the days of Moses?
God help us to check our problems and bring them back to him.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Communications......,How ?

How do you communicate and how effective are you in making speeches,it has always make men and women nervous,this issue of communication.God the efficient speech maker has made his own voice felt in the whole world in many ways.It has pleased God to speak in diverse ways so as to make us feel him always. I remembered what Frank Laubach says in one of his books,"God is speaking all the time,all the time, all the time!!!"It so much pleased God to keep speaking to us,continously so as to have his way in the day of judgement.

That's the first, i think so,that there will be no excuse on the day of judgement,if God is speaking the way he is doing now.Someone may want to ask me ,how does God speak continously!!!

In that your home,God is speaking.How?God speaks through you,through your children to you and among themselves,through your wife to you,to herself and to your future.God speaks through your neighbours!! God speaks through the nature.God speak in cultures too.The good of our cultures need not be thrown away,God's voices are  in them.The rain,the sun,the moon,the animals all speaks the words of God to us.God's creation speaks his glory.
Are you satisfied that God speaks through them all?

If no, then, come with me and read my mind on the issue of communications.
I have been listening to radios broadcasting  since childhood,but that's not what i want you to know.The levels of communications have changed nowadays.
The changes were brought up by the abuse of Language.
The level of God's communications has ever remain the same,but our level of communicating even among the family has changed drastically.Language is responsible for this.

We make use of language to construct our feelings,thoughts,desires and expectations.Language is one of God's calculations that has thwarted human efforts of unionism.It is very difficult in the beginning at the Babel after God scattered their language before human began to understand one another again.Hmmm... don't see God as been mischievous there, because, if you looks at the world today,whom do you think sons of men have been labouring most for,if not the devil.
Why do i say this?Let's consider the ways of men after this world.They have come to toil,toil,toil and toil.It is a pity we toil but not according to God's will.When they leave the world,they goes with nothing but as they all come do they go.Hunnn.... that's bitter.......The glories of their toils goes to the devil whom they labour for while on earth.

In Labour,there will be mutual understanding if people come to work under the same umbrella.If there is good communication,people will come to terms easily.While God tries to create a good means of communication the devil tries to poison it in the minds of men.

I was in the popular Yellow Big Lagosians bus known as  molue or 911.A satanic  man was in the vehicle advertising his satanic means of getting rich.He was advertising his evil products and giving the people some of the specimens for use while in the bus.However,what catches my attention is when he talked about his address.He carefully laid a snare in his speech before he gave the address.This is how he said it,i make a refrain of his words"And if you have a family in America or London who is rich but has not been seeing you,or you have neither been hearing from him or her nor has he sent you anything,just take this address from me, come and visit me at the address.That your family, if you know his or her name, it is finished.Just furnished me with the name and you will be called by them.They shall ask of your welfare,they will send you money,"but he said he is going to collect his fees before he did his satanic charm for whoever want and  he even stated his price publicly in the bus.Many hands were raised,requesting for the address.The man gave at least ten out of thirty people in the bus his address that moment and mind you some people when we alight from the bus like Nicodemus of the bible will go to him privately to collect the thing.I dared him and i know he is on his way to hell,he is a liar,why didn't he give them a sample as well!!!!!.My bible was in my hand,there is no where in this Lagos,i must go with my bible because of devilish people like this.
Communication reveal the wickedness in the heart of men.Those are the wicked Nigerians for you.He was one of the satanic people who knows how to make their ways into the hearts of men through lies.One more thing is that he never tell them the repercussion of his evil charm.Maybe when the charm come to expiration or they abuse it,or the person they cast the spell on got born again,he is going to hate them like a plague,never wanting to see them again.

That shows how effective,satanic communication is to people.If an Angel of God come down and  should preach to such people they will not listen.Those who collected the address ,i am sure will visit the man. and nonetheless that the communication is evil.If a Christian is preaching in the bus,come and see how they will douse off!!!

Satanic communications has gained grounds and satanic churches are making waves and  they are very much exploitative too.The devil too has been speaking and reigning until Christ came to destroy both his works and lies.Now the enemy is at work again.Languages have created corrupt words,either through songs,jokes,celebrities' comments and communications networks have been promoting the devils of our days.

There are some evil songs that do come up on Radio stations.Satanically inspired songs and albums  are on the television too.They are everywhere.

Love is now communicated in the wrong way,youths give wrong signals and false impressions to the opposite sex.You will hear ladies saying i never love him.Hunnnn... lies!!! You don't love him but now see you,your wardrobe has changed within the two month you are dating him.You now bath three times a day!!!

Public communications  too has galloped into derision.News now go haywire!!!Every news go jam,jam jam!!!!
Information is now a skyrocketing issue.We are deceiving who,if not ourselves.
If  Religious officers deceive through tithes,the game nowadays in some churches is that,others too when  religious projects come up, they too must rake back the clergy excesses,in particular, Churches!!!!!

God help us to listen to him and talk effectively like him with no traces of lies.Amen.

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