The two Angels beckoned unto the Disciples while looking up on the mountain where Jesus ascended before their eyes. "Now when He had spoken these things, while they watched, He was taken up, and a cloud received Him out of their sight. 10 And while they looked steadfastly toward heaven as He went up, behold, two men stood by them in white apparel, 11 who also said, “Men of Galilee, why do you stand gazing up into heaven? This same Jesus, who was taken up from you into heaven, will so come in like manner as you saw Him go into heaven.”
This is just a tip of the iceberg. I hope what The Apostle Peter and Paul said of his imminent return gives another insights of his earthly returns.Brethren Christ comes.Keep looking up for the trumpet is at hand.Be at alert.

Jesus Ascension

Jesus Ascension
He is coming Again.Be prepared.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Marriage Safety,do you look out for one?

My greatest fear which i believe the heavens too were very much interested in, is to get married to an unbeliever or a fake christian.I am very much concerned on whom to marry in this life and i believe there is no one who would want their marriage to be the causative agent that devil will use to drive them to hell.
I am not dissuading  anyone here through my writings from marrying my dear readers but wanting you to know that you need to be very careful on your marital life, only believers who are married to an unbelieving spouse can tell the pain behind what i am writing on today.Today's writing is on Marriage Safety.Have you guaranteed yourselves a place to run to in time of Marriage Hazards? In every modern buildings, there must be Muster Points and in the Residential buildings where i work,there are Muster Points located in some of the buildings  and they are there to take care of emergency situations.These Points addressed the need for  strict HSSE compliance.*HSSE means Health,Safety,Security and  the Environment.
In case of fire incident,accidents and other serious incidents that could happen to the building or in it,this separated spots serve as a place where people can stay and feel safe for a short time before their eventual evacuation  from the premises, in the same way,every Marriage is a building.The Bible said the wise woman build her own home but the foolish ones tear down theirs with their own hands.The wise woman while building her own home i believe must be fully aware of the need for  strategic positioning of her Marriage's Muster Points.

Good Marriages these days are full of satanic baits capable of denting the good intentions  God  has in mind while establishing this honorable institution.The world is fast degrading in her moral standards,no muster points in many marriages today again,i am sure the devil is happy that he is causing grievous pains  because of this.
The Bible said commit your ways unto the Lord and He shall establish your path,that is the first Muster point.How can you commit your Marriage to God's hand without prayer?Commit by Praying always for your Marriage even from now

Evil communications (in other word, associations) corrupt good manners, says the Bible,but many of us can't leave the world and its cares for Christ.I remember Lot's wife she is a typical example of a woman who has freely and loosely mingled with the world that even in the midst of her fleeing for safety she looked back and became a pillar of salt against instruction that could have save her life.She don't take the issue of safety very important and she perished because she lacked safety plans.She jettisoned her safety for the much caresses of the world's cares,that's why she found it difficult to follow the Angels 's instructions.What a pity?Avoid world's contamination,go out with good friends.
David caused much problems for his own home and generations because of his loose thighs.He was severely penalized by God,God placed cursed upon his life,terrible ones.He put his generations in serious problems just as Lot's wife made her daughters slept with her husband.Shun Immorality is  another muster points.
Raise Godly Children.It is not easy to raise a godly child these days not to talk of four or five children.That's why i always love reading the story of Jeremiah and the sons of Jonadab, the Rechabites.I admired him.Though i have not married, i do experiment the position of a godly father both at home and at the church.
Have a good relationship with God.You can't have a meaningful marital life as a Christian without good standings with your God.Start this now if you know you have not.
See you next time in Jesus name.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Eternity effects of Marriage

I want to write on the effects of choices  and its eternal consequences..
Eternity effects of Marriage will be the marriage's negative contributory factors, damning the favour of God on judgment day.I see Marriage as one vehicle capable of driving one to Heaven or Hell.
Eternity effects in marriage begin from relationships and this occur when your heart and mind have been connected to a particular person and you want it  for a lifetime.I think to further buttress my point here,let me say this:
"Eternity effects of marriage has to do with marital life  and  the shortest route to miss Heaven is the marital life" In other words,good marriage can influence you to make heaven but bad marriage drives to hell.You have to know that you cannot change someone after you have married them,so prayerfully make your choice.When you fall-in-love with a drunkard  or a chain smoker whom you met in a night party and you are unable to change him or her before tying the knots, it will prove very difficult to change such a person and such changes  only come by divine intervention.Someone you get married to,can make you become  a citizen of the kingdom of heaven and at the same time the other person in your marriage can block you from getting there.I pray that will not be your portion in Jesus name.Amen
There are many people who are not to have anything together for Eternal purpose sakes.I have attended some seminars on marital issues and what i have drawn from most of the teachings were that,the foundation in marriage must not be laid with evil secrets.Marriage built upon secrecy are bound to get polluted,a mock or reproach in this world,such marriage will come to their tragic ends in Hell.
Hence, i have compiled some facts which i am going to share with you here.The facts revolved round those who must not have nothing together if the world is not going to become polluted.Mind you the world is already polluted because these ones have been allowed by the present day society to come together.
Please read them carefully and see if you or your intending spouses has one or few of them.You can still correct things before you become one,after marriage,it will be very difficult because it will required divine visitation and mind you such visitation don't come easily.If you want to do yourself good in the future, prevent future errors now, instead of looking for the cure in the future.
1.A Church must not marry  a shrine.
2.A debtor must not marry a creditor.
3.A sinner must not marry an holy person.
4.A liar should not marry an honest person.
5.A police must not marry a thief.
6.A girl must  not marry a man.
7.A boy must not marry a woman.
8.The wise must not marry the fool.
9.The hardworking must not marry the lazy.
10.A builder must not marry the destroyer
11.The Godly must not marry the godless.
12.The Angels must not fall in love with the demons
13.A pastor must not marry a witch.
14.An optimistic must not marry a pessimistic
15.A farmer must not marry a devourer.

In other words, to further give you more insight on what i am saying:
1.A fowl must not fall in love with  the knife
2.A day must not fall in love with the night.
3.The land must not fall in love with the sky.
4.A lion must not fall in love with its prey

When these categories of people and things come together  things become unusual, and surely they shall  breed  dark secrets liable of wrecking the world.There shall be no peace in such union,in as much the disparity remain.
When a believer got himself or herself engaged with someone below his or her standard there is going to be serious problem.Many promising believers have fell  off the Eternal way through this satanic means.It is the devil's strategy to reap those who could have been very useful in the vineyard of God into his own barn.So as a lion must not fall in love with its prey if such lion is not going to die of hunger so must a Christian has nothing to do with an unbeliever or weak christians on marriage issues.
Don't marry a christian whom you think is below God's standard for your life.If you are thinking of  been helped by a rich spouse think of the Eternity too.You are not to marry a man because he is rich but weak in God's rule and standard.Think of the effects today and make a positve steps toward getting nearer to your God.There are many implications in marriage that must not be carpeted before you go into it as a christian.Have you given your life to Jesus?Are you following Christ standard?Can you work for the Lord?All these matters not money,i don't believe in wealth.Your Eternal welfare is my concern. See you next time if Jesus tarries his second coming.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thinking Marriage?,Youths,Please stop putting God to test.

My blogging today have got another day for the youths!!!
Please no hissing,no cursing me please,if you feel like things are getting mixed up on the road  to your successful marriage after reading this blog posting,i will advice you to get on your knees and pray.
First and Foremost today,i want everyone who is unmarried to know that God is very much interested in your Marriage.He want you to get married but please don't be sad with the stage of  your marital life today because God the architect of every Marriage is interested in you and your partner,if only you can both invited him in today.
Many youths are regretting because of their choices in life.Many have opted out of promising relationships because they can no longer endure the pain alone.Many are the only one bearing the loads in some relationships,what i meant here is that,they are the  one sustaining  such relationships.Many are compromising their Church standards so as to come to the level of their desired partners.Many have done those above,and felt they have fallen out of God's standard for a good Marriage just as Lucifer fell out of the grace of God.
Today,i am calling on youths, that there is a way out of their marital  life troubles and this way, is the way of truth and focus.
What do i mean by the way of truth? This simply means inviting Jesus into your relationships.Many good relationships have hit the rocks because of Christ absence.Many lies for one another even at courtship levels and expect a bright Marital life tomorrow.Many find it difficult to accept the truth of life with regard to their Marriage,but put God to test by their actions."Life is not a bed of roses but many want their Marriage to ever be honeying,without the cross.Good Marriage are under the  tests of both God and Devils and such testing must have begun from the inception of the relationships." God  knows how your Marriage will be from the stage of relationship and the devils knows the same.You cannot escape the tests of both God and devils on your way to Marriage.Relationship contacted from Night party is already a polluted one,please swallow this well! God cannot bless such union ,evil anointing and blessings awaited such union unless they invited Jesus into their home.
Before i tell you about the way of focus,let me say this,"It is not every Marriage that God's marital blessings rest upon,many receive their blessings after many years without God.The truth is that,you cannot have God's blessings without his presence"
Many people are without focus,some don't know what they want in a woman or what they want in a man.They keep jumping from guys to guys and from girls to girls.Many have polluted their lives as a result of this.Many are with the list of what their to be man or woman must look like.If they happen to show you the list because in your eyes and in my eyes,it is going to look like an endless list.Many as a result of lack of focus have become insatiable and have turned themselves to nymphomaniac,whereas they think that they are hot,such hotness is abnormal,it is nothing but the ailment of  the nymphos.
Youths, Marriage is meant to be a Heaven on Earth where you are united to God as one and where God is the head in  your home.If you have God as the focus and aim at having his laws well established within you,only then shall you have blissful relationships on the Earth.Let me tell you,Not all that glitter is Gold,it is not every sweet relationship that are really sweet mind you many from the insides are already distasteful,if you have a bite you are going to regret it.There are many who regret ever knowing the other person,well such is life but you can still move ahead.Please Marriage issue is not what you have to do with testing God.Gideon tested God,but not on marriage issue.Abraham servant did not test God but he prayed.Please pray instead of testing.If you say,God,the first person to do this or that is the one you choose for me you are testing him."The irony of Marriage is that instead of us to let God have his way ,we are putting him to test."
Stop putting God to test,Youths!!!

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