The two Angels beckoned unto the Disciples while looking up on the mountain where Jesus ascended before their eyes. "Now when He had spoken these things, while they watched, He was taken up, and a cloud received Him out of their sight. 10 And while they looked steadfastly toward heaven as He went up, behold, two men stood by them in white apparel, 11 who also said, “Men of Galilee, why do you stand gazing up into heaven? This same Jesus, who was taken up from you into heaven, will so come in like manner as you saw Him go into heaven.”
This is just a tip of the iceberg. I hope what The Apostle Peter and Paul said of his imminent return gives another insights of his earthly returns.Brethren Christ comes.Keep looking up for the trumpet is at hand.Be at alert.

Jesus Ascension

Jesus Ascension
He is coming Again.Be prepared.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Today i am going to write on the state of the heart,and when one is talking about the state of the heart,it is not about the pump in and out of blood by the heart i am talking about now ,though some facts on the circulatory of blood may crop up the main facts i am trying to pass across is,how distinct is your heart before God?
I am writing on distinctness today.
In Genesis,the bible said "But Noah find grace in the sight of God".God was about to wash away the whole world with flood and he was determined to do it.His work of creation,the best of them all,instead of them to make him happy they grieved his heart.
God was searching for hearts.He has seen all hearts as very evil and very bad.He kept searching from town to town,village to village until he got to Noah.
Noah's heart was distinct from the other available living hearts in his days.Noah was not perfect but He found grace in the sight of God.Noah's grace brought relieve to humanity toils before him and he truly live up to his name.
Many sins and do as if God did not see them.Some are struggling to come out of their sins.Let me confess,when one jump into sin,it is very difficult to come out.Sins that have to do with sex is always difficult to come out from them.Sins connected with minds is very difficult to come out from them.You need prayers.Times will come you fall again,but keep praying.You will come out.You don't want to sleep with your boyfriend or girl friend again but you keep falling again and again.Don't stop trying God looks at the heart  not at your face.Don't mind the men who looks at you and spat at you saying you are this or that.They are dead men and women.They can never repent again.Such people are very weak,useless beings.

May be you have been cheating,stealing, lying, embezzling and you find yourself still doing a little,little ones,don't give up if you really want to come out of them all.Let the conviction to come up,when the Holy Spirit convicts you of sins.David is an example of those who surrender himself to the Holy Spirit convictions.There is no sinless man in the world  except Christ and he died for the sinful ones.Remeber Paul, said he was among the chief sinners.

Sin  easily besets.It entice.I may have one sin but the grace in my life will make me overcome such sin.What of you?Be distinct today or else you loose?
Catch this quote of mine today, A man struggling out of a lone mind sin will one day through God's help overcome, but you with loads of sins claiming to be  righteous will one day be question of distinctness.

God is searching hearts too all over the world these days,He has assignments and homework to give people,the reward is going to be highly beneficial.God sees your hearts and he sees mine.Are you sure you are going to find grace in God's sight.
To be distinct,your heart must be peculiar,so different from others.I am not saying you are going to look perfect,what i am saying is that God and man must be able to witness you.I am not saying you must be the holiest in any place where you are now,no,no, but you must be goodly different.The world must differentiate you from them

Monday, August 23, 2010


Hmmmm... don't say i have come again,i have just arrived!!!!!!!!Election is around but not so around so as to allow some people to sleep.Please don't develop cardiac arrest ooooooooooo.Doctors are on strike!!!!!
I  am sure Nigerian papers are having real swell in their banking accounts.We are being fed much on election news than any other thing.We now drink elections news as if we are drinking water.Newspapers, really, are having  fun with political issues having to do with election matters in this country.To  them, i guess it is a matter of fun.It is very difficult for common Nigerians to comprehend the papers these days.Can someone tell me what's going on in the papers these days?I am really confuse.However,that's not the issue on ground now.The real issue on ground and which is going to be a universal issue,is whether you are save or not?Are you save?Election machines riggers are you save from the coming destruction upon the evil world?

I have come to a level of reasoning that,from now i am no longer seeking for the material comfort of the masses alone i am also seeking for their spiritual comforts.
Nigerians, your spiritual comfort is my concern.I mean whatever has to do with your spiritual lives,your spiritual welfare,your spiritual meanings in line with God only.Rich and powerful nations without Righteousness amount to nothing.I mean in the presence of abundance wealth and comforts but the absence of Christ in it amount to emptiness.The desire for wealth without Christ is one of  the greatest mistake the world has ever made.So Nigeria as you go up in the ladder toward your great visions,please carry the banner of godliness along with you,or else some of your girls will soon start putting on pants all over the road, borrowing a leaf  from other people failures!!!!!
It is a matter of randomness.When people don't know the next step but groping around and stumbling on issues that could have been avoided is the issue of randomness.Randomness has no direction,it cannot be ascertained.It sound as if it was a powerful echo but it is not so.
There is no where in the world that the power of randomness is not felt.We all move in a zig-zag manner almost everyday.What is bad is to also make our thoughts so zig-zag in manner.The cure to randomness of thought begin from firmness of mind.We are always thinking good but never come to good firmness and that is the gateway to randomness.

A state of randomness is a state of  feeling unsure of the next step.The  consolation free flows that differentiate those who are in such state from zombiesm  is the fact that they are sleeping and waking up.

The best way to clear Randomness away from your lives and thoughts is not in your job,income,IQ,wealth,material opulence,beauty,fame but it is in your relationship with God.So make God your friend today.
Abraham is never a random man.He has a fixed thought, though asking God to give His blessing to Ishmael has faith in God.Believe in God and your randomness shall be gone.
See you till we become friend in God .Have a nice day. 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


The process of going into dramatic elections is called Election-arism.
It is a term Google's dictionary has no meaning  i am so sure of that,already it has been underlining today's title while i am working on the posting.
Many may not understand  the process of Election-arism because they  are not among the Election riggers.Hmmmm.... i am not among them but i have studied them,they are all over the world but so rampant here in this continent of Africa.Everywhere in this world rigs election,there is always an issue of election fraud
 everywhere in the world.I am not a politician right!!!!!!!!
Every continent is noted for its resources,talents and contributions to the development of the world at large.
There are seven continents binding the world as one.In one part of this  world  at the far up WEST  is the super world North America noted for her dominion-ism, democratic-ism,human-right-ism, big mother-ism,research-ism,she also feed nearly all the world world with her dollars dollar-ism!!!!!!Also there is fever of American-ism.
Coming down is her cousin the sport-isms.South America is the home of future sports even from this moments.Giants in sports come largely from her.She is also noted for her latin-ism
On virtual flights with me to Europe you will read some banners that will make you feeling to stay more of your days there.In my research i found out that Europe is technology-ism oriented and sport-ism.
From the tops of Europe tall's building i can see Asia vast land masses spreading all over my face.Plague lands with Earthquakes.She is impoverish with quak-ism.China,and the rest of Asia are epitome of beauty and historic but so plague with earthquakes and the evil effects of the former commun-ism and emperor-ism.
On the farther ground is Australasia, the home of the Australians,the unknown-ism part of the world.I think she is too quiet-ism though also plagued  with bad weather-ism just like Asia.
 Other cosequential -isms of Africa juju-ism some other parts of the world called their owns other powers voodoo-ism.African voodoo-ism is known as juju-ism.It is a  use tool in every election rigg-ism.Poverty-ism also plague Africa than other part of the world.Blacky-ism is also here everywhere is always dark A country in some of the other continent use more  electrical power than all put together in Africa,Corruption-ism is also a veritable part and parcel of corrupt elected officers.
African-ism is still a topic yet to be verify,so hold on let me furnish you with the last but not the least.

Antartica is the last of all continent, full of water and hardly does we see human living on it.We all fish in it a form of fishy-ism and do every water job.How is your own life-ism are you fleshy-ism or in God?
Let's pray against all electionarism from our country and continents at large.God will hear in Jesus name.Amen

Monday, August 16, 2010

God's Plans begins from the corner

What i always observe, is that, when God wanted to do something He do start them from a corner.He begins with a few people.God will not harass when He starts to carry out His plans.It is God's policy to have His servants in His plans.He always ensure that His message is clearly understood.
Jesus  once said that,whatever we  hear him say in the corner,we should declare them in the public.
That corner is in you, in your personality, in your mindset but in God's time.
You made use of your heart to receive the plans of God.The heart become illuminated with God's glory and this serve as the driving force that propels you to carry out the plans of God with ease.Christ come from Bethlehem.
It pleased God that the Lord should come from the low background.
The first son of the richest Father,the first son of the richest God,the first  son of the most powerful God come into this world  and was born in a common manger.In birth, i am better than Christ.It is a  fact that,if i am not a rich man son,if i am not born in USA and if i am not a big boy yet,i am still better than the first born of my Father in heaven.I am living a life better than him.
The joyful part there is that,the Lord himself as the first born want me to live abundant life.There is no bitter point.It is mutual,and i am very much benefiting from him.He brought the joy of salvation and the hope full of good news.From simplicity,he rose to become the saviour of the whole world.Simplicity is a corner,corner quality a good man begin to dish out to the public at its maturity,using it to affect his public
A simple man like him is a  public irritation, however, God made use of this obscurity as the base of his plans.Many of God's plans are always unknown and He  also made use of unknown vessels to reach out to those who really needed His plans at the time of maturity.

Many of us have many, many, treasures in the corner prepared by God beforehand which He wanted us to bring out for everyone to see, everyone to hear and everyone to listen to in His own appointed time.It is a matter of fact to be current with God always so as not to loose our treasures

We should then, when His time come, not act like Jonah who fled to Tarshish from before the presence of God.God dealt with Jonah before He carry out God's commission.It is a grace for Jonah.
What stages are you in now,Have you fixed your self up, awaiting the plans of God in His own time?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Grace that is in Christ Jesus

 Glory be to God,the convention is over.We are blessed in particular in this wonderful grace the Lord has renewed before us.I thanked the Lord for the privilege.
This grace in Christ Jesus is a wonderful one that provide the means for the whole world to escape the coming damnation upon it.The world is getting nearer to the judgment day and the more the world get aged the more we get nearer.
Through divine inspiration by the Holy Ghost we were able to get this wonderful information.When we come into Christ,we have the divine grace.There are other graces but in the presence of Christ Jesus,they all have expired.The only grace effective and still active these days is the grace that is to be found in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Are you so much in need of grace and you have been seeking this from other sources,you must have made  some grievous mistakes for doing that.The outside graces have expired.They are nothing but thieves and extortioners.God don't reckon with them.There,in them lies no grace.
The grace of God is in Israel when He  brought them out of the home of bondage.He gave them the grace of circumcision,but these days we are keen to observe that circumcision covenanted grace has expired.God no longer reckons with it.
The grace of God  was bestowed on Noah and the Bible said Noah found grace in the sight of God.That grace hold the world together.It was universal just like the grace in Jesus but so limited in those days,it was reserved to those who entered the ark.There are certainties that many are going to perish because of  the ark's limit of capacity.The conditions that cause Noah almost  hundred of  years to build the ark and with the timing of God restricted the grace finally to Noah's  family only.
The grace of God was on Moses There are many that perished on the way which could have merited the same grace bestowed on Moses by God.However these people fell on the way.Moses grace was singular but he strive to keep God's grace upon the Children of Israel.
The grace of God bestowed on Abraham.It was a marvelous grace.Through Abraham,Ishmael obtained grace,but it was not going to be an eternal one.In the presence of Christ grace,such grace varnish.

There are many other  graces  but the Grace  in Christ Jesus. are we enjoined to be strong in.The Bible admonished us to be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.It is not a past tense grace.

The court of Law do bestow grace but to a certain extent.

The society we live has its own grace.

There is also parental grace among others.

The grace in Christ Jesus excel above them all.It has no parallel competitor because it is divine.
I have changed the banner on my phone to Christ's grace so as to keep it in mind.I am to be strengthen in this grace.I am to walk in this grace.More so,as Christian we are to have in mind that this grace expires immediately after death.The Bible said ,after death it is judgment.We are all going to stand before the great white throne of judgment,the judgment seat of Christ.Where the whole truth shall be known and everything laid out before God as bare as possible.

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