The two Angels beckoned unto the Disciples while looking up on the mountain where Jesus ascended before their eyes. "Now when He had spoken these things, while they watched, He was taken up, and a cloud received Him out of their sight. 10 And while they looked steadfastly toward heaven as He went up, behold, two men stood by them in white apparel, 11 who also said, “Men of Galilee, why do you stand gazing up into heaven? This same Jesus, who was taken up from you into heaven, will so come in like manner as you saw Him go into heaven.”
This is just a tip of the iceberg. I hope what The Apostle Peter and Paul said of his imminent return gives another insights of his earthly returns.Brethren Christ comes.Keep looking up for the trumpet is at hand.Be at alert.

Jesus Ascension

Jesus Ascension
He is coming Again.Be prepared.

Friday, December 17, 2010

From God's laboratory of History

I am just coming back from the laboratory of God.I went to the department of Heaven on Earth's History,was directed to have my eyes and ears tuned to read and hear in the Heaven's language!!!It's no far lie though.It is not easy at first but after more persistent and the unrelenting efforts of the affected department,(yes, i used affected,because i was considered a virus)
Can you just imagine what happened when i was about to checked in,into the department.Alarms began to blast whom.... whoam....whoee!!!honestly i was first panic and i began to think fast and wide that how can i be a stranger in the department in God ,my father is the eternal,incumbent chairman of this place now,or am i in the wrong place!!!
At first,i was sick at heart but Jesus came to my rescue.My appointment was confirmed,my bookings and reserves with other entitlements was later brought to me.Hmmmm.. yum,yum yum....!!!!Whao before me are big,big supercomputers,and a quick glance into one of them made me skip as if i was a deer.
I was assisted to find my way to one of Nigerian past records in one of the files,hey, i almost commit suicide in Heaven!!Suicide in Heaven,please someone help me can i die again in Heaven,huh, maybe i was in Earth of heavens,not the opposite.Oh.... please am i still in Lagos praying.Oh!!! maybe i have seen another vision!!maybe dreams-visions!!!
However ,i am too damned to say all i found out in the files,too shocked to revealed them,too tired to keep typing.I am just so sorry that i have retreated back to PRAYERS!!!
The little i can say from the laboratory secrets was that,Nigeria need to roll out Forgiveness of the past failures as it was seen from there that bitterness has tied us down to Mount Everest and only Forgiveness can loose us out of Everest grips,cause we are damned!!!!
Ohhhh, the new year is around.Forgiveness is a vital key to the new year around the world too.Please forgive all,forgive those who don't even offend you!!!!

Happy wonderful season and a wonderful wishes for all both friends and enemies as we go into the new year.~~Happy new year~~

The Lord shall increase your greatness and comfort you on every sides as you enter into the New Year of your blessings.~~Happy Neeeeew..ww.... Yeeaaa....rrrrrrrr~~


Friday, December 10, 2010

From this Link

I have been reading this postings of Oswald Chambers from the link below.I am grateful to God for having a wonderful site like this,a Christian woman gave me this link ,getting up to a year now.I don't want to read them alone ,please share with me.It is a loaded site full of God's grace and mercy.Won't you tap into it?.I am not going to write much i just want you to click right away below to the link and see what God requires from us on  our daily living.Click here:
God bless you as you go to the link.Amen

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Marital Security,do you desire for it?

Marital Security is that effort you employ in order to facilitate successful exploration of your marital life.It is the effort you put in, to make a home and to get the home moving.
It must be spiritually synthesized,intellectually appreciated and with your hospitality inputs you are on your way as a youth to achieve a successful marital life.
What you need  to secure Marital Security
1.Vibrant relationship with God
I have  found out that without the four factors above the people whom i studied would not have achieved much in their marital lives,perhaps they would have divorced by now as the  glamorous Godless people in our society do daily.There are many divorce cases and news flying all about these days,many of us blame it on fame,wealth and glamour.How wrong we are!We, the onlookers in the society, to keep covering up the divorced glamorous people based on their exposures.We mourn their collapsed marriages but watched their immoral videos and listen to their sexually appealing  albums and records.Take musicians for example!Don't we know that,by listening to their songs we are signing the agreement that our own marriages too may hit the rock as theirs have shipwrecked!God forbid we may say, but that's the truth, once you don't see anything wrong in their inability to keep their marriages don't be surprised if you see your marriage in their shoes in  the future.The same goes with celebrated actors and actresses,we watched on Hollywood these days we have them all over the world,many of them have married thrice and we keep honouring them with awards.This is an example of Marital insecurity we are celebrating in our society today, liable of affecting the coming  marriages in the future.Don't bite your tongue my friend,if you see your marriage collapsing in the future,the Bible says what you sow you shall reap,if i were you,i think you should ask such musicians to please fix up their marital loveless lives on the pillar of love before you can listen to their songs!!!
Spiritually synthesized effort account for vibrant relationship between you and God.To secure good marital security and a good guarantee from God as a youth,you must take time to handle every area of your marital life with prayer.The following areas need your attention;your choice,your spouse,your  future,home,children,relationship with your spouse and your common goals.You need to be born again too,that's even the first priority, that is,if you want marital security to be effectively secured for you, because it is part of God's benefit for you,you have to give you life to Jesus.He guaranteed it.I am sure you know divorce is no good thing so draw closer to God and he will draw closer to you.
The second part of our efforts has to do with our intellectual input and this has to do with our maturity.How mature are we physically,emotionally,psychologically and materially.A baby man is never ready for Marriage.Don't blame God if you find yourself lacking in one of these.It is better you keep training to see yourself mature than to rush in and rush out of marriage because the Bible frowns at re-marriage.God can fill any gap if only you keep praying.There is nothing God cannot do.Don't be in a hurry because those who are in a hurry generally make serious mistakes.
The third way to  claim access to marital security is to be hospitable.If you are not hospitable,caring and friendly,you are not ready for marriage!A man or woman who is unfriendly,quarrelsome and selfish cannot make a good husband or wife.Those who have no time for for other people are not prepared for marriage.
Our fears as youth these days is base on the future's uncertainty.We don't know what tomorrow may bring hence what's next for us to do,if not to draw close to God and how can we do that if we are yet to surrender our lives to God.You can have a marriage but a marriage without God is  already deprived of its happiness.If you are divinely inclined to God it will be in your interest ,to start presenting your marriage before God now.You need to allocate time to pray on it,you could reserve a day for it,by doing so,i believe you shall have good testimonies to share.
Finally strive to get to a spiritual level where you will be able to know,at least, if God is saying Yes or No.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Youth's Love;God,Marriage, Family ,Church and the World:How is it to be straightened out?

There is no Love in the world again, except her traces  are only found in the Church.
I do think on what Jesus said about Faith and what Paul wrote on Hope, Faith and Love.Jesus said, will he meet Faith again when he comes back? Also in Mathew 24 Jesus said the for this reason... the  Love of many shall wax cold...Paul said of the three Love is the greatest.
Jesus knew that Hope shall be the first thing that shall give way in many people's lives, when they are besieged by temptations and confronted with trials.Many in the world are already in the state of  hopelessness,this state of being and  living without Hope is at an alarming rate these days.Family has given up on Marriage issues and Marriage issues has given up on Love.Many too are dead in their Faith's application on marital life issues,they cannot exercise their faith on issues having to do with Marriage.I am not saying those who exercise their Faith don't commit sins,they do fall sometimes but Jesus' help is sure to keep them from derailing.
At the top of the golden three which Paul mentioned is Love, today's subject which, if one is to search for it in the world i am sure it will take ages to find one.Love is no more a world affair it is now a Church  symbol.That's why i said it is only in the Church one can find Love and God.The more the world's sins the farther the presence of God it is only grace that showers not God's presence.
However,these days i am doubting if at all there is Love anymore in the Church too,because there is no longer any disparity between Church and the world.In fact there are mixed facts on Love these days!However the Bible let us to know that "God is Love"."We shall perform better on Love issues if we let this ring in our brains some million times, that, 'God is Love'."
Take this too "Love knows no enemy,Love only makes friends, Love is a natural flow and has never flow without mercy and grace but only through God, the only LOVE, can this be realized in humanity."
How true is that  in our relationships with others and even in  marriage?In this world  do we see Love that way wherever we go and people we meet?
I have written about Marriage Safety and by God's grace my next blogging will be on Marriage Security.Love in the family will ensure Safety and Security of Marriage contacted in a godly manner.Love will surely chase out pride,arrogance and re-instate humility if it was there at first.
The major and whole Love of mankind should  ever go to God.Will you love that person if God had killed you or has maimed that person before the two of you grew up to know one another.So give Him your first Love
I think the next in the life of a youth is the Family.A good youth must show Love to his or her Family and i am talking of core Family members here.You can't do without them.If they have raised you up to become a damsel wonderful lady or a supersonic Solomon man, you owe  your allegiance to them,i mean your parent.You must honour your parent before that woman or man whom you love,because without them giving birth to you,you can never know him or her.Then Love for Marriage comes in and gradually takes the position of Family's Love.
Lastly a good youth must never let his or her mind struggle between the Church and the world.Give your Love to the Church before the world.Let the Love of God be  strong in you,Love based on God cover up much  sins.
Give it the priority like the one i have here:
1.God and Christ's Church
2.Family and Marriage
3.World (because of Job not Money)

Therefore among the fives,Let God has the first say,by making Him the driving force of your Loving lives.Let Him to capture your hearts and minds and see how wonderful you flow in terms of mercy, and grace.and wisdom.If you give the world your first Love,i am not saying you are a fool,no, you may look wise but you are a Fool.The wisdom you think you have got through the world will one day perish and you will be left with none at all.I pray that shall not be our portion in Jesus  mighty name.Amen

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