The two Angels beckoned unto the Disciples while looking up on the mountain where Jesus ascended before their eyes. "Now when He had spoken these things, while they watched, He was taken up, and a cloud received Him out of their sight. 10 And while they looked steadfastly toward heaven as He went up, behold, two men stood by them in white apparel, 11 who also said, “Men of Galilee, why do you stand gazing up into heaven? This same Jesus, who was taken up from you into heaven, will so come in like manner as you saw Him go into heaven.”
This is just a tip of the iceberg. I hope what The Apostle Peter and Paul said of his imminent return gives another insights of his earthly returns.Brethren Christ comes.Keep looking up for the trumpet is at hand.Be at alert.

Jesus Ascension

Jesus Ascension
He is coming Again.Be prepared.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

For Sale!!!!

I thought there is no  THOUGHTS for sale,I thought there will never be a selling country again since countries like Nor... Pol... sold some part of their land.I even heard and read of France buying some lands some where.Well i never knew all i  have said were true or not but i thought i might have read of them.The truth was that some countries have  sold off a chip of an old block of  their blood.Their lands have gone to another countries.

I am thinking Nigeria is not going to auction herself for sale very soon.We shall soon go to labour market if care is not taken I remembered how Nigeria was about to be sold in the day Nigeria Labour Congress spit fire and brimstone.That memory linger on.There are other arms of the government too like the National Assembly!! The Law making body of our beautiful nation.They almost sold us off.Gone,gone gone are those days, i can't even remembered how it all happened.I just   knew there  are sought of attempts to murder Nigeria if there are no buyers at sight!!!

Mind you and despite all these evil attempts Nigeria is a good place to live in.Though very recently some kins of these our great nation have attempted to sell us off too.The Riverine people of the Niger Delta.A broken rule comes up too ,very recently in Jos.There, Nigerians nearly massacred themselves to atom.They almost sell us off but the grace of God has made us remain un-buy-able.

If i am ever to  be  a fool in life i hope to sell  off Nigeria.If i can be allowed i will sell my country to Zimbabwe, i think that will do us good.I trust President Mugabe,he will buy us with his, all , grants he is fond of  receiving from the world bank.I think world bank is too tired of Mugabe.His nation has been labeled as one of the most poorest nation in the world.Fine.If he refused, i will  get away with the second choice after Mugabe> From Auctioning, to Mozambique, a nation i have once dreamed to live in.The poorest nation in the world.Maybe Mozambique will  be but pity to buy us!!!!

I am not a stupid  fellow and i have begged God never to make me a crazy writer.Though i want to look like one.If you can follow  me you will soon see my point.My nation is at it again.The bargain has began.Buying and selling.Point of consolation before you begin to suck in your soaked mood like me Nigerians is that it is like God has answered our prayers.Let's pray the more, for our birthright ,for it belong to us.

Honestly Nigeria is  a destiny country to rule in the affairs of the world before the Lord comes.However the devil has been cheating us.We are being cheated   on a daily basis.Husband cheats on wife and wives do the same.Children are wayward and rulers have forgotten God.I think i have been honest  enough  because those  Top< Top  Nations of the world will fall over one another to buy us.For they shall truly confess that there is no rare gem like a nation called Nigeria.

Now, we all know we are at  another sensitive and stimulus stage in the life of Nigeria.Please  Lets pray we don't put knife or guns on Nigeria's to do our wishes. Those who used those methods those days where are there names in the honouring list of our Nation.They are polloto,polloto,polluted.Their names is like pollution in the history of our nation.

I am off to work or i would have love to remain  and do internet trading of my country.
Catch you CAVEAT EMPTOR!!!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Divine God,My Nation!!

Transportation back home whenever i am on  morning duty is always hectic.I work at Lagos Island.This evening my reliever came to relieve me a bit late,complained bitterly of hold-up.Once he said that, i knew i am in  soup tonight but  the hope i was having  then, around 1800 hours was that, at least today is the fourth morning duty,tomorrow i am going for night duty.

To be honest,though moving at a faster pace,i was dull at mind because i have been anticipating how hectic the road is going to be tonight.I was expecting a heavy traffic.While i have been working there,i have developed a theory,whenever i looked on the mainland bridge from Obalende bus stop, i do predict if the bridge is  going to be good or not.Hmmm.... tonight the bridge looks free,but i knew in my mind  my predictions are not always true.

I no longer take the Oshodi route ,i go for BRT nowadays.Guess what i found when i got to broad street??? There was no bus!!!Hundreds are already on the line  waiting for BRT!!! I first thought Fashola fucked up, that's what they called BRT,but i am wrong in my dull heart.I thought BRT will console me tonight but i am totally wrong.I soon joined the queue,bought a ticket and was waiting in vain for those buses.I will be in line 200 i guess.It is not too long when i heard Egbeda!!!! Egbeda!!!! Egbeda!!! a driver and a conductor beckoning on the crowd.At first i hesitate,did a calculus thinkings.I didn't  rush for the bus.I waited on the line.One thing that made me glue to the line was that, i guess people must have filled up the bus because of the rush.I was wrong, when i heard the driver shouting Egbeda again!!!

Hurry up!!! my leg i must  not miss this second chance,i am prepared to enter whatever the cost.It is going to be a little above twenty naira extra charge of BRT bus fare,so why not , i mused in my heart and i was right there.I boarded the bus with a mixed heart,pray in the bus.However i don't know that i was boarding a bus with political gurus.Everywhere was silent on the mainland bridge because individual mind their own business.There is no interference at all,except for those who  are asking for change from the conductor,everywhere in the bus was silent.

I was praying,i didn't know when the bus change route and was on its way to Mende Maryland,when i opened my eyes i was happy because the driver took  the direction i wanted at first.When we got to somewhere around  PWD bus stop,then, the discussion went on air.A man started it, having sighted a LASTMA officials,then others too joined in.I remain silence,just listening until we are at CEMENT bus stop.I made no contribution until i perceived an error.

I did not  agree with all what they were saying but when we are at Cement , a man made a statement on Power issues in Nigeria.I felt he had mistakenly stepped on wrong toes.He said he thought  our Acting President is making a mistake for not sacking those who are at the top, top, top ,top, position in PHCN.I cannot contain what i am hearing.What has those officials got to do with Power.Though they are culprits yet they are innocent.Power issue in Nigeria is a political business.Until we are lucky to have someone who will say it is no more a political business as usual,our problem on power issues lingers on.I pray it won't be so in Jesus name.It shall not linger on in Jesus name.I asked him why?He  gave a flimsy excuse.
He advised the president to put young,young boys in their places!!!!

They talked on policing in Nigeria too.I heard them all agreeing that there is no police in Lagos at all.They grumbled on LASTMA excessive demands and seizure of vehicles.I remembered an illustration a  man gave  in the bus.He talked of a man who is hurrying to a meeting on Island and transgressed LASTMA laws along the Leventis route to CMS.He was stopped and asked to pay fifty thousand naira.Some people salary!!!!!The man has to rush to an ATM to withdraw ten thousand naira before he was let off the hook.

PDP crisis is the major topic throughout our short journey.There are many predictions and prophecies in just a few hours that could boil the whole nation and turn us into steam..I can't tell you that.That's why i believe NiGeRiA iS SiCk.Nigeria as  a Country is ........ Divine God come and help us,hear and answer our prayers ,2011 national election is around!!!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Television Evangelism

I don't know  on  what mood i am writing this night.However one thing is certain,in writing tonight i must write.I didn't go to church today because i am on morning duty at work.
My mind is at a church,any church,i meant any church this morning,Having observed there is likely not going to be much work today,i watched television  for some time.
A pastor preached on MITV this morning.I stopped watching to read some of my literature texts.I wrote a poem,titled "From the book of Jonah", a fourteen lines poem,in the pattern of Miltonic sonnet.
In the Afternoon i was lucky to tune the TV to LTV.Pastor Adeboye is on the air.

I watched the program "Redemption way" last week.Though i have been watching some other weeks before,it has not been a frequent vewing.These  two Sundays were  special to me. His sermon is on the Producers of Glory.Honestly,i don't used to watch him preach most of the time because i prefer the Channels' Television, Pastor Tunde Bakare's Moment of Truth than other Evangelism program on Sundays teaching.I was surprised to see Redemption ways in the air.It is not that i do shun other pastors preaching but the real issue is that, it is like, i prefer watching Channels Television.I am not going to say why i watched Redemption way,  but i felt the Lord leading me to watch the program.

I got to understand that the message  was from one of  the Holy Ghost  Night services.The way Pastor Adeboye is mentioning tonight made  me to be at a loss.I felt i  missed,that is  one of my feelings this afternoon.I was saying Amen in faith and i don't know how i get myself connected to the program.The devil keep hitting my heart that i shouldn't  say Amen to his prayers since i was not there.However i kept saying Amen to all his short ,short  prayers!!

After the program i felt blessed.Before handing over duty to my colleagues,  flash of thoughts beam across my mind.The strong ones among  them  centered on the time of Altar call.I can see some hundreds of youth dashing out,racing to the front of the altar.My mind goes to the yahoo yahoo guys,or a girl who has just been jilted coming to the Altar for consolation.The Lord shall truly console.The truth is that Altar call is always unique,but many people do take undue advantage of them.I believe  the message is  from God.I can see genuine repenting people coming for prayer and likewise  for changes purpose.I pray there is none there coming out  for a show of it because many people don't know the efficacy of  the Altar call.

I believed the key of the  message  to the youth is perfect submission.To outshine ones parent,to make the church of the future a better one than what we are witnessing today,it takes perfect submission to the will of Christ the builder of the church,Jesus Christ.That is one of the hidden truth i gained from the service.May God blessed Redemption way and take it to a greater height in Jesus name.Amen.

I am believing that Television Evangelism in which Christ  is truly lifted up bring untold and manifold of blessings to the children of God.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

God and the Issue of Security.

I have worked where Security is taken as a very important issue.It is never a joking matter.The Multinational company i worked in their residential building don't joke with security matters.There is no month we are not briefed.I always tried to be Security Conscious.It has become a part of me now and i am really grateful to God for making me to work there.
Honestly i don't think i value life and properties until i became a Santana staff as a contract staff.

Here is a company spending some millions on security on monthly basis.I agreed with them.They have to do that.I have been coming up on this issue at hand.In short let me say,i have been thinking about Security very lately.There is a  Security slogan, those visiting inspectors to our Beat or Area  do say(Beat and Area means the location where i work.It is a Security terms).They do say,"You have to be at alert"  or "Please be at alert"
There are times we would get information that some Ogas are coming or they have been visiting round  locations.The Spy police and the operatives will become panicky.Everyone come together,an emergency rehearsal soon begin.A form of compulsory unison.Even if you have been having grievances among yourselves you must come together or your jobs are on the lifeline.
 Come and see me then.I hope  cramming before they come will not scatter me,the first time i began the work.I do cram.There are rules and regulations guiding our operations while at work.We are to master them.We have Standard Operating Procedures(SOP) to adhere to while at work.You could be asked to say offhand any number from the twenty something rules we have in that procedures!! There are other rules like the Golden rules and Life saving rules.
I love my country and i have promised to be a good citizen.I love sticking to constitutions.However, when i got into this system,i found one, yes one  SOP so difficult to keep.The rule is that "Guards must not sleep while on duty".I do keep this rule on morning duty but when i am on night duty whenever i am tired of watching English or American films on Channels or Superscreen television.I do relax around 0002hours to 3 hours, sometimes earlier.I don't like watching Nigerian sigidis-idols films in the midnight,that's why i don't use to watch LTV in the night whenever they are showing films like those,however i gave them kudos for their Documentaries.I do enjoy LTV documentaries .My starcomms phone alarm  do ring every hour!! I do joke with the police whenever he confronted me that i was sleeping because i don't use to sleep sometimes,that i was not sleeping.Then he came up with that word and adopted it in place of sleeping.Then my conscience is no longer troubled because at least i must RELAX!!! Body no be firewood.
I am arriving at a point.God  and security issues.I can see that in that beat,responsibility regarding to what happen in the location rest solely on the security team.However there are some incident beyond the control of security.I have found those ones out.In fact the location is a good source of research to me.God deals with security matters every day.I think that's why he never sleep.There is no guard like God.From the beginning to this time our God has not been sleeping.God don't relax.There will be great,great, catastrophes He should  relax  or sleep.That why songs of Psalms 127 verse 1 says "...: except the LORD keep the city,the watchman waketh but in vain".

We all craved for security.I heard in the news on Channels TV,when the national security adviser to the government was telling the ministers to ensure they are security conscious.He was advising them on the need to table the issue of security in the federal executive council meeting,i think so.

Yes God watches over you.Don't fear, if you are a child of God.The Lord is round about you as a mountain.Isaiah 26:3 says "Thou will keep him in perfect peace,whose mind is stayed on  thee,because he trusted in thee".That's a key point for me and you reading this blog.You have God's assurance of deliverance and protection if only you belong to him.

What you need is to wait on the Lord.Go where he goes,talk when he talks,when God is not going there why should you go?Whatever you do trust God.You will never be stranded.There are many things happening ,that if not for the security of God are enough to wipe out majority from the surface of the earth.

Security is very expensive.That why you need to appreciate God today and forever.I am writing a book on Security.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Profitable Jesus!!!

Have ever wonder who Jesus is among the brethren?What kind of name do you ever think befits your master in economy perspective?
Have you ever ponder on Jesus stands on the world's salvation ?Do you just see him as the Chairman in every christian occasion?How do you see Jesus in business field today?Will he looks for those special blessings?What manner of profits will Jesus imagine to rake in after transaction of business?Will he be magicious?

I can see why many are loosing their anointing.They are busy labeling Jesus merely as the profitable master  but have been reckless in their pursuits of gains.Gains and gains reflects in our everyday business ventures.Even in dating.In this world,no one want to be a looser,but not running away from the greatest coming  loss.In the area of courtship,people restricted themselves in giving until their relationship have deepened and marriage bound.Many have advised me to do so.Church and Relationships should not be seen as business of ourselves but God's.

Let me walk through the church.Please permit me to scan through your church too, perhaps that assembly where you worship or presides over.How is Jesus TAKEN or RECOGNIZED there? To some there, Jesus is ever miraculous, to some, he is the  healer.They sees him as the healing Jesus.Some of other members believe him and anchor their faith on him as a great deliverer.Any single threat or problem they are coming, racing up to Christ,with their SAVE OUR SOULS MESSAGES.Some believe, He is ever providence and they believed that through their pastors' messages they could receive a million dollars contract.When this Jesus speaks through their pastors on business and money issues they are ever present and attentive.That's how they see their Jesus,the business Jesus.
I see Jesus as the Profitable one of God.He has worked with God in the foundation of heaven and earth in the beginning.He was there as the wisdom of God.Check Proverbs 8.He has seen the fallen of man in the garden of Eden.He saw how the enemy of God tried to ruin the works God started from the foundation.He  believed it will profit no one should God eventually destroy everything,i mean all human beings from the time of Adam to the last generation that shall experience the great tribulations.This is not going to please God.It is not going to be profitable to God.He was aware on how the grievous sins of men damned God's heart in the beginning of mankind generations.He knew God still love all his works of creation,in particular we the human beings.The profitable one rose to the challenge.He came to the rescue.He came to redeem the situation.God allow his Son to do this profitable work.The works of Salvation.

I hope you get my points today.Many of us don't see Jesus again  as the saviour after we got saved,the same with many churches.We give five minutes to the issues of salvation and do the real business for the next two hours.We heal,we deliver,we sing,we dance,we preach hot messages,with new words captions signaling the freshness of the messages.We prove too advance but have lost the content of salvation in our churching!!!

Christ here,will still carry on the totality of salvation in bulk.We seems to have disenfranchised salvation to our demerits.That's why we see many Christians colluding with their colleagues to embezzle their firms' money.We do hear of fornicating brothers and sisters preaching and singing on our pulpilts!! There are a lot of riddles nowadays in the live of believers.We have joined the world,it is a pity.The enemy has put those riddles there, thereby authoring confusions.

To make Christ's work of redemption possible in the lives of others,we the believers must first sanitize ourselves.Please do environmental sanitation on a daily basis on your spiritual living.This will create opportunity to make amendments in every possible areas,the devil has been cheating on you.
Families too have their parts to take.Those who are in relationship should ensure that Jesus profits in their relationship.You shall have the reward in your marriage.Don't make Jesus the looser.Invite him into your relationship,if truly,you have genuine interest in that relationship.Now you have to start committing your endeavors into the hands of God.Desire to make a profitable Jesus from all your earthly doings for it is only by his profits in your life that you shall receive rewards from Him in His kingdom.You are blessed in Jesus name.Give your life to Jesus today.

Don't break down, break down the devil, by making Jesus profitable in everything you do.Shalom

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Forces behind Blessings!!!

I am still writing on Blessings.This part is centering on the agency involving in the distribution of blessings.
The God of the whole world,and the God who also own the heavens.The same God who dwells in Heaven built to his own taste is the principal force behind every good blessings.However God will never come down to give you your blessings.He is too busy to do that.He is not there , as God for you only.He is the God of those billions in which you are one.

He created the celestial beings in his service for our purpose.They are God's messenger's for me and you even in the beginning when Lucifer is still Lucifer.They are there as the Heaven's protocol on the earth.I do see Governor's convoys whenever i am on the highways or when i am traveling through inter states within the country.Their sirens usually deafens ears and they move on a very high speed.Sometimes they are reckless in driving.However,God's protocol are not so trained.The Heaven's protocol are so majestic,powerful and celestial in nature.They have been seen,heard by people like us.We have read of great prophets of God that these protocols  have ministered to.

God's protocol are the present Angels ministering in Heaven.Many of them have been helpful to human race.They delivered promptly the message of God.The message of Blessings are usually dispatched this same way.God is unique to have made them visible when they are around to deliver the message.They are powerful beings who stood in the presence of God.Most of the blessings God gave people were delivered through Angels.God revealed revelations through Angels.These Angels constitute the Heavenly forces.
Angels are usually warriors but  a single Angel may not be able to handle a particular problems.

Christ talked about Legions.Legions are battalions of Angels.There six thousand of Angels in a Legion.That why i  believed Jesus as the Lamb of God.He has the power to summon twelve Legions to fight on his behalf,in case of any unjust attack before the work of salvation.He gave the word that fetched out the truth in God's plan of salvation.Jesus said it is their hour to have him, and they should do whatever they think they could to him,because it is also the hour of the power of darkness.

Here, another force behind Blessings is rearing its ugly head out.The power of darkness.These forces are part of God's protocol in the beginning.They ,however lost their place in Heaven as a result of their revolt and  allegiance to the devil.They are what we know as demons today.Demons are devil's angels.They are evil and  fiendish entities.

The Angels works for our Blessings while the demon in their principalities wage war against our blessings.While God is busy blessing you and i,the devil  and his demons were busy planning to demote you from your blessings.The Angels ministered freedom while the demons put in bondage.The Angels minister to us by bringing good news but the demons harass.The demons are out there to steal,kill and destroy like their master.While the angels reside in Heaven the demons lives in men.The demons hardened men against God.Many are homes to Legions of demons.

Abraham saw three Angels while Lot  saw two.They ministered deliverance and brought cheerful news.Daniel's twenty one days prayer and fasting answer was to be delivered by an Angel.He was hindered by the devil.Jacob saw probably a legion of Angels.Gideon two saw an Angels.Samson  parent,Manoah and his wife saw  an Angel.The Angel of God rescue both Daniel  and Peter from dens of lions and prison respectively.They all wrought miracles and bring good tidings.Angel Gabriel is so unique,that he is nicknamed the good news angel.He rebuked Zechariah for his unbelieving heart.

Many things are happening today.God is blessing many, but some are unable to get their own.Many have lost contact with the divine.Many blessings have been locked up in the strong rooms of the power of darkness.Many claim blessings that are not there.Many who are demonically enslaved are craving for help but from the wrong source.Many goes back to those who are depriving them of their blessings for help.Many seeks satanic solution for their woes.These two forces are busy working for or against human tendencies.

God is the sure source of blessings.satan has no blessing to give,he only bring sorrow all the time.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fixed Universal Blessings.

I am still writing on Blessings,but today i am going to hang my words on  Fixed universal Blessings.
Christ declared the fixed principles on divine Blessings.
Do this and you have this.Have that quality in you and you become this and that.When you  do this  or you do that to people,you shall have this and that.
 It looks numerous but quantifiable,Qualitative and divinely inspirational.Many writers of the Bible have tried to bring it clear to us  as Jesus did according to the level of anointing given to them.Partially, they are able to disseminate this  principle of universal Blessings,but Christ in the full wisdom of God reveal what and what  those who love him have all over the world as Blessings already made for them.

The Bible said as a man thinketh in his heart so is he.The way Christ brought the sermon on the mount to the people revealed  the kind of anointing flowing in their midst to them.They begin to follow him,thirsting for his words and he never disappointed them.They began to think Christ-like from that day on, that the end of beautides chapter,the Chapter 7,revealed that  they  distinguished the teachings of Christ from the teachings of the scribes.

God has laid down this principle and he revealed it to us through Jesus Christ his Son.
The kind of Blessings we have now are universally friendly,meant for the whole world..They are to be cache upon by everyone who chooses to live his or her life as stipulated therein..There is a level,those blessings begin to yield for you and me, provided we get to that level.

I love reading Mathew 5,6 and 7.The first twelve verses of Mathew chapter 5 revealed the Blessed groups you must ventured into, and have your name register in their books, if you are to remain Blessed for life.
The Groups:
The poor in the spirit,
They that mourn for the truth,
The group of the meek,
The group that thirst and hunger for righteousness,
The merciful group,
The people who cherish to be pure in heart ,
The peacemakers,
The group persecuted for righteousness' sake.

They are all Blessed.Bless by God,revealed by Christ and confirmed through the Holy Spirit.

The world is Ninety nine point nine accursed if we are to  be analyzed what we are passing through these days of our lives.The analogy there is that though it is possible for a single person to be a member of all these groups, large number of people are not even in any of the group.The devil's goal is to have mankind cursed in  the midst of abundance grace.

I wrote in the first part of my writings on "Blessings of God" that, faith and hope are one of the ingredients that bring divine blessings.I am saying this because they are spiritual exercise you have to be subjected to.They are what you are been tried on in the spiritual realm.God and the devil are not interested in your good works and humanitarian projects.They want to view you from your spiritual projects and tasks and those are the only one that could carry you through in the realms of the spirit. .Faith brings you the Blessings you crave for if you walk in Christ laid down golden rules.If you put faith into practice you are doing a work which may not be human yielding but spiritual yielding.Hence, no faith,no hope and no love, No Blessings. God saw Abraham's faith as a spiritual exercise and work that's why he accounted it to him as righteousness.

In Application today, the Beautides,the sermon on the mount has lot to reveal unto us.Many are cursed.Many are under God's curse.If you are not merciful you are accursed.If you are proud,you are accursed.If you  are not wanting to hear the word of God ,you are accursed.
Majority persecuted others nowadays because of Christ,majority don't thirst and hunger for righteousness sake.Majority nowadays seem to be haughty at heart.None shows mercy to his neighbor.Everybody looks after their own!!! .We don't mourn the truth we praise the lies.Everyday we kill truth on our highways.Hearts has become so darkened nowadays,darker than the days of darkness in Egypt!!Many are so clever to challenge you why you dare to correct them.Many are so bold that after they have committed sins they still quote the Bible. Many are so holier than thou in their own eyes.Many are so clever to conceal their sins.Many women have aborted  babies countless number of times but still paraded themselves as a fellow who has not tasted the forbidden fruit.There are so many in our churches today who are so clever to heap faults on others.They blame others for their woes.Many are so  clever in bending the words of God.So many, an endless list.

I hope you can see why i said that the world is accursed.God in his mercy has fixed the principle that with immediate effect when  a change is effected in the life of a sinner he begin to tap into this wonderful fixed principle of Blessings.There are many who have yielded themselves as an instrument of sins, they delight in  themselves to have made so,so, so, pastor to fall,if they could change God is ready to bless them.The wrath of God  is coming on them,should they refuse to change.Those men and women when they got married do reap the  consequences of  their evil doings.

It is time we accept the fact that we shall be persecuted for righteousness sake.They will hate you,people of the world,in your office,home,society and at the position of power if you stand for Christ.If you are standing for the truth people will hate you,but Christ said you are blessed.
Finally let me tell you what the Bible said "But he that shall endure to the end,the same shall be saved" Mathew 24:13.Rejoice in that, FOR GREAT IS YOUR REWARD IN HEAVEN.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Blessings of God

I am writing on Blessings.God began with Blessings.He blessed mankind to multiply and fill the earth.Christ began his first  recorded sermon by declaring the mind of God on Blessings.
Blessing is what gives an edge, as a result of  effort put into doing ,finishing or completing tasks.Spiritual blessings control the needs of our basic needs here on earth.
Blessings comes as a result of works!No work,no Blessings.

However,the works i am saying here is not tied to the works we do to earn wages or salaries alone.There are other works.Obedience engineered  spiritual works.The same with faith.Hope too,and together with love they yield blessings.

Blessings come in different colors.They also have diverse sources.No wonder the Bible said, "The Blessings of God".If we are to carefully analyze that biblical phrase ,we could deduce that there are other sources of Blessings.I want to go into those,other, possible sources.

Let's say, the first Blessings is from God.There are copious examples of how God gave his blessings in the Bible and  we are witnesses to how he bless in this our present time.
Then the second will come from the Devil but not for you in Jesus name.Devil gives his blessings on some of his satanic agendas.
The third,Parents.Yes Parents do give Blessings too, a vivid example is taken from the case of Esau and Jacob's story.The two were chasing their father's blessings.
The fourth, from oneself.Yes it is possible to see people blessing themselves.I have seen that more than countless times.People(families) of the earth now blesses themselves in Abraham according to God's words in Gen.12.
The fifth source of Blessings is a general blessings.A form of  collective blessings.The Children of Israel were blessed  generally  by Moses in Deut. 28.

These forms of blessings generates and influences our basic living on this planet earth.Do you ever wonder why people crave for blessings?
People do so because of the following reasons;
Blessings are vital to human survival.
Blessings gives confidence and assures.
Blessings approves.
Blessings are good sources of weapon.It is a powerful weapon in the hand of whom God blesses.Abraham had God's blessings on him that why he was able to rescue Lot his nephew from the group of five kings' battalions.
Blessings is a spiritual material we cannot program  for our immediate use.

Among all these Blessings,the Blessings of God is unique.When God blesses,He maketh rich and  He add no sorrow to it.The Blessings carries no emblem of sorrow.The trademarks of sorrow are usually  absent.You the receiver at the other end too know and discern the uniqueness of it.

Esau so much wanted the blessings that he wept before his father for another blessings.Jacob regretted  supplanting his brother.He was very much afraid when he was about to meet his brother on his way to return to Canaan,the land where his father was a stranger.That blessings his  father gave him is not from God.He stole it. That's why there is an element of  sorrow in it.

Blessings reflects mostly in everything we do here on the earth.The world is shaped in blessings and curses.
Balak recognized this fact when he  sought for Balaam to curse the children of Israel for him.It shows in other areas of our  lives too.Someone may have the blessings of satan to ruin you,There may be someone whom the enemy of your life has appointed to cause you trouble.The enemy blesses his agents too,he gave them his blessings.They come out with boldness to accuse you,beloved,honestly they will be wrong, but  by virtue of satanic anointing on them, will look for every opportunity to bring you down or discourage you.This happens often.It is an effective strategy satan employ against the people of God.

In relationships too it do rear its ugly head.If you are in a relationship that always make you sad.Beware,there may be no God's blessings in  such relationship.What you have to do is to make a U turn  and flee for your dear life.If you have put in the best efforts you think you could muster to save the situation, but all to no avail, i advised you to check out.I have experienced such  in this very recent time.Relationship that will make you contemplate suicide is having devil's blessings not God's.Please take note and beware!!!!
The wealth in God's blessings is not necessarily to be in form of  the multitudes or plenty of cash at hand,in the bank or in the investments..The blessings of God on Abraham made him to rescue Lot from the Mesopotamian army of the five kings that will be five times of his own 400 armed men.The Blessings of God makes one to do exploits that cash cannot do.The Blessings of God makes one rich.You will be richer when God bless you.

Proverb 22:10 is a memory verse i have memorized  and got familiarized with.I have seen and have confirmed, that,  it is true.The Blessings of God brings no sorrow.Consider Job for example,he has sorrow but God double his blessings.Temptations made Job to be grieved but God's Blessings clear away those sorrows.You too,i don't know the situation you are in, presently.May be you are passing through a very tough times in your life.Don't give up.God's Blessings comes to wipe away all your sorrows in a moment that you shall never remember them, again.
Rely on God.Don't be discouraged instead pray through to discourage your problems.

Go for God's Blessings today!Count yourself out of those worldly blessings.Some want to be rich through Jackpots,Lottery,Magic rings,419 frauds,bribery,threats,extortion,embezzlement and many other fast satanic means.Don't let me forget internet frauds too.All these don't amount to a single God's blessing.Believe me.

I can see God's shower of Blessings falling on you in every area of your life if you yield yourself to wait for  the right woman,man  and people that God will use to bless you.Be bless and bless yourself in Christ.

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