The two Angels beckoned unto the Disciples while looking up on the mountain where Jesus ascended before their eyes. "Now when He had spoken these things, while they watched, He was taken up, and a cloud received Him out of their sight. 10 And while they looked steadfastly toward heaven as He went up, behold, two men stood by them in white apparel, 11 who also said, “Men of Galilee, why do you stand gazing up into heaven? This same Jesus, who was taken up from you into heaven, will so come in like manner as you saw Him go into heaven.”
This is just a tip of the iceberg. I hope what The Apostle Peter and Paul said of his imminent return gives another insights of his earthly returns.Brethren Christ comes.Keep looking up for the trumpet is at hand.Be at alert.

Jesus Ascension

Jesus Ascension
He is coming Again.Be prepared.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Patriot!

Patriotism has nothing to do with choice to be,live or work outside your nation as many think otherwise!
Today,surely, I am blogging on what being Patriotic to ones country at large should be.
Many people never understood what Patriotism is all about,in their own judgment,he or she must stay and be living in that particular environment or territory to be considered Patriotic.
In these days of global recognition and continental economic relations among various world stakeholders,there is need for Patriotic Stands, representative agents of that particular country BEYOND THEIR SHORES.Many would want to ask me of the positions of the Ambassadors and other Foreign Officials of the particular country, beyond the shores of their fatherland!
You as a citizen of a particular country may choose to live outside your country, yet be a very good Patriots.It is not everyone who leave their fatherland that are unpatriotic,you can be a very good unofficial Ambassador wherever you are.You can uplift the image of your country by virtue of your good deeds and exemplary conducts in the nations where you found yourself.
Please will you answer me this question deeply as you can,are in you in Kingdom of God now, and are you Patriotic to the cause of the Kingdom?
If you have been faithful to the cause of God's Kingdom, surely you will recognize the reason why one also, can be Patriotic, to the cause of ones' nation, outside its shores.Many of us believe we come from the Father of light and we shall sooner or later returns to Him having done all He wanted from us.We take into the Kingdom,great glory, of all we have acquired from wherever we found ourselves on the earth.
However there are quacks and pretenders, who capitulates on the situations on ground and flees,such ones can never be true Patriots.Many left,or were leaving the shores of their country by any conceived means and with no intention of ever coming back to uplift the glory of their nation.By their greed desires,they soon run the good name of their nations into mud! Such can never be Patriots!
A Patriot will see to it that he or she dares to go out and makes his or her nation proud.
A Patron may never be recognized by his country but his credits and achievements follow him.
A Patriot will stand for the truth,dauntless and assertive.
A Patriot is a simple Patron or Matron of his/her country everywhere they are found!
A Patriot will burn himself  to light the dark areas of his/her country!
A Patriot will speak the truth without weighing the consequences twice.
A Patriot will die for his or her country.
A Patriot is a giver to his or her country.
A Patriot's name will never be forgotten on the lips of his people!
God himself sees the Patriots as His Ambassadors on earth, and respects them.
Then,are you a Patriot of your country!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Nigeria Future-Nigeria and her Educational System!

Now that i am now in one of the nation's higher institution,the University of Ibadan,being webbed into the System's fabric,i think i need to publish my thoughts my old,old, first thoughts!
These thoughts were as old as those years i was after many of JAMB wasted years,indignant that i could not beat the DEVILISH CUT-OFF POINTS.The fear of Nigerian Universities cut-off points is the beginning of cheating wisdom!
I am going to write,technically, on my eventual experience in the hand of life delaying public system  in the Nigerian Education.

 Firstly,the gain of your educational life is to have a job upon graduation,isn't it,my dear readers? However,it seems in Nigeria,the gains of your educational life ended upon your admissions gains.
The newspapers are fond of using "gain admissions" for student who have cross the threshold of the HIGH SCHOOLS,INTO THE TERTIARY INSTITUTIONS! I am not going to argue on this.
With that phrasal verb above, honestly,we are only begging the situation, because what the student gains,is incomparable with the life sustaining gain,the main soul of all gains of that student,the jobs.
There is no job outside for the students upon graduation,hence one can easily what's the essence of the earlier gains?
Government needs to work harder in this area,though a grey one,a very old one and an ugly situation,yet we can contain it,yes we can though it is no one nation's problem.

I will advise people who want to live a godly life in this country to be prayerful.
Nigeria Educational system is a big time waster and in there abound some satanic schemes to waste your time.
If you are not going to cheat  in exams, be sure the devils are out to work against you and be sure they would use people against you.The devils are now working beyond man's comprehension, in all sphere of life.What we never think could happen these days, are happening!
Such situation is another debilitating major factor submerging the glory of our Educational System in this country.We are in a situation,where people wanted you to join them in sinful attitudes.They want to see you cheat just like them.They want to prove you wrong.They can hire anyone against you if you are trying to prove "i won't cheat attitudes".

Thirdly,i will advise Scholarships Boards to decentralize their funds.
Don't be specific,be holistic in your giving out scholarships.I think this is workable in Nigeria.To the scholarships board i will like to say,"you have been wasting your money soooo far"!
There has been no result on ground over these years of your scholarships awards because some people are taking unfair advantage of them over others.
I propose holistic approval rather than selective process because people now fraudulently obtain the necessary criteria,for the awards.

It is a pity a single university in Nigeria is not to be found among the 5,000 best universities in the world.Well that is no big case,sure,i trust Nigerians they can use JUJUs to push them up,but when the JUJUs expires they will further crash below 10,000 ranks in the world!
I am doing my best.God will surely help me in my examinations,in God i put my trust why do say to my soul,flee like a bird to the mountain?

One has got to trust no one these days,trust nobody.People now mess up our Educational System!
Trust yourself,do your best leave the rest over to God. However do you know this, "you cannot leave over to God,what has not been laid on His foundation".
There are many who cheated to get the admission,and become a holy fire in the university!
To such,their sin may still be there and the devils are no fools.
What i am saying here is that,the problem is not only a societal problems but also a personal ones.
Many think we can bribe God with our good deeds/righteousness without having the sins forgiven.
Hence the need for prayers and deliverance.What should you do? You should...
Pray against the time wasters.
Pray for forgiveness of your academic sins.
Pray against satanic schemes on your career.
Pray against enemies of your country.
Pray against the days of baalism in your country.
Pray for your success.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Future of Nigeria 2

Nigeria is a territory soaked in pantheons of religious beliefs.My country's since her inception has rooted herself in diverse cultures, Religions and beliefs.
The same way,Israel as a nation,identified herself with Judaism ever since its beginning,Nigeria too, has ever been a religious nation,however unlike the homogenous Judaism of the country of Israel ,ours is a heterogeneous complex one.
In the north,we held firmly to Islam,the religion of Peace yet so,so,warring.In the south,we are claiming the holiness of Christ and his righteousness, yet very much apostatizing!
I am going to the heart of my point today,time is so precious,have got not to be jumbling but holistically simplistic.Nigeria needs to worship God and not Religions.
The truth Nigeria needs is God, the brain and source behind Religion. We need to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of those who are our region's neighbours  but never used them as weapons against them.
Religion is not static,today their weaknesses you see,but tomorrow it may become their strong influence and power base.
Let us acknowledge Religion as one thing capable of ruining our joy,possibly our peace.Religion is way we approach God,we need Religion,to tap into the meaning behind our existence.
Many people in this world have proved they have no knowledge of God by taking Religion in to their hand as weapon of mass destruction.
Religion starts from conscience but should not end there,let us know that conscience become dead when it no longer yields its values,Religion housed in conscience is no end in itself but in God,the perfecter of all things.
The future lies is fishing out what we know are harmful in Religion,on our soil.We should know that we own the land,God has given it to us but we own not Religion,hence,where is brotherhood among us Nigeria.Brotherhood is breathing somewhere,though getting somehow scarce,let's be aware,like air out of the gas chamber brotherhood is thinning out.Brotherhood is stronger than Religion!
God be with you,Nigeria till next time!
My exam is cool and all praised to Jehovah,Hallelujah!

Friday, June 29, 2012

The future of Nigeria -1

Here i am not going to write more than few lines,however, as a nation,living and not dead,my country still have some future.
It is only dead materials that are without future.Nigeria by virtue of her name has her future and will live according to fate and destiny...
I will like to begin this blog posting that is sure to have many series,by stating it categorically,that,God is the God of all nations.
Now i am writing my exams.
See you next time!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Campus Scribbles-Jesus is Lord, in the midst of many faiths

I have been attending classes these days and have being taught by teachers of different faiths.
It is nice letting you know that i have a Muslim lecturer who taught me the history of Islam,though i have two courses directly related to Islam
There have  been many incidents happening while in the campus,particularly as the exam is in the air.Tension of want is all over the sky.However all i can say is that my God shall supply all my needs.
 I found the school interesting at all,and i will like to have  it here to serve posterity,perhaps i may need to flashback on campus life.Honestly 100 level, a fresher life is very,very uninteresting for me save studying.
God has been using a lot of people for my needs.
Though the electricity and the water scarcity are over,yet i am not enjoying the school at all.There are times i feel like i should not be here,because of what i met here and how i see the future of my staying here.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I am posting into this blog from the student's black market where the cost of  internet access is relatively cheap compare to other internet station cafes around the campus.
Many events have come and gone but it seems the latest have come to stay,and what is that latest if not Campus Students' Protest.
We have gone far when the whole issue rare its ugly face .
Presently we have been asked to go back to our various homes but the sons of Zik in Zik's Hall and the their Independent brother have sent the school's messenger back to their post empty handed.
Please pray for this campus as you read this message.No power supply and no water to drink.God help us ooooo

Monday, February 20, 2012

Higher Way Magazines-The Hungry Nations

When my Lord was on the earth's surface ,though He had the most powerful military power among the mightiest of His days but He was neither seen nor was heard to have employed them.He chose to act like the lamb of God while on the other hand,He equals to act as the lion of Judah.
I am writing in continuation of my last posting in this blog.Today i am going to be specific,am going to emphasize some facts,and write my mind out on them.I  want to be brief on the topic at hand and i hope you are going to find this posting very interesting.
In this present world there are many factors that could drive a nation into a position of power to reckon with.The world has developed though series of  developmental stages.
We heard how Romans who ruled the world through their military power and their many other predecessors  had ruthlessly oppressed the world of their days by virtue of their military power.It dawned on us that military power is a very good shortcuts to attain world recognition if not  total world power at the grip. e.g Iran,North Korea,USA,Russia,China,Great Britain, and France to mention but a few are countries which have gained international recognition through the demonstration of their military and nuclear power
In other ways,we have nations who can control the way the world goes through their economical power.Strong countries in the world with good economy stand the chance to voice their feelings on world's issues and be clearly heard and understood because they have the means.They can impose on nations and have their policy carried out because of this power,they have accrued themselves through their strong economy.e.g Japan,USA,China,Germans by virtues of their machines, and a couple of other industrialist nations
The third way is the cheapest and the best, these are the nations God gave the power to control and manipulate the world.It could be any nation and they shall surely attained the positions God wanted them to be.
Fourthly the countries with larger resources of mankind,that is population,they can easily dominate their surrounding neighbourhood and have those ones respected them as a superior neighbour.Population is also a  major veritable tools,a very good means to achieve world power e.g China,Russia, and India through their heavy weight population have been able to throw their weights across many oceans.
The fifth of them which is Religion,religious nations are well known for their common  faith and they command lots and lots of followers.These nations can speak and be heard all over the world e.g the Vatican City of the Pope and Saudi Arabia.
Nations into science and technology,which have come out successful and  excelling today have their research and  its various products to boast on.
Countries who have none of these means and have no focus on how to move up the world's ladder of success,were the Subjected ones,blown about with various policies,grants,aids,borrowings,debts,struggles among many other travails.Many of these nations have become mother of many ,rebel groups,sects,organizations,militants to mention but a few.
Recently,Terrorism is the new method i observed those minority groups and some countries are now employing to win power for themselves across the globe.We are not to forget that many countries too,in the past,have been  accused of funding larger scale terrorism.
The new thirst for power in all ramifications is the call of these hungry nations.I believed just like a single man,every nation want to be heard and respected.That's was the reason for the mad rush for power here and there as it has dawned on them that you need power to be heard.They were clearly seen as hungry nations who want to get into power even through back stage,that call for their use of terrorism,use of religion,use of rebels and sects,all across the globe.
I believed many countries underway are already planning,while some are building  nuclear weapons a form of military power,Iran is a very good example which has consistently continue its Nuclear Weapons project.
We have some hungry nations who have held sway  in the field of ; engineering,medicine and health issues,their exposure to science and technology has carved some good name for them in the international community and they are hungry for the actual power.
These can also means some  reasoning on how power fairing  in the hand of the mighty are being dealt with,but i hinged this posting on the  the truth of how power scarcity were being addressed by nations across the globe.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

From Higher Way Magazine----- Signs of the Times

There was a  Church on the way to the district headquarter of the Church  i worship.Whenever i was getting nearer to the Church premises,this do flashes across my mind,"Oh here is The Apostolic Faith Church  owner of Higher Way publications"possessed with the consciousness of receiving at least one or two recent copy of the magazine,if not the latest.I always read the magazines again and again.They are blessings to me.
As they put it on their websites,Higher Way is an inspirational publication of the Church, also a quarterly magazine designed to inspire Christian believers to a deeper walk with the Lord.
Cheryl Downey wrote in one of the publications, "SIGNS OF THE TIMES" while reading the few pages of the writings,i must confess again that i was really blessed.This piece of writing is going to stand the test of times it was predicted,the way the Lord's words  still stand the test of many seasons and days.


I was very happy that the writing was the theme of the publication for that    second quarter of last year.The writer was used by the Lord and how pleasant is it to be honored vessels like this in the hand of God.The writings lasted  from page 11 to 13 of the magazine. Here is the PDF Version of the whole magazine,you can click on the down scroll arrow and  go to page 11,then read over to page 13: also recommend you read the whole magazine.  The General Superintendent of  The Apostolic Faith Church in Portland,Oregon, USA,  Pastor Darrel D. Lee wrote a foreword on the theme of the publication.His writings too was there.Read them all and surely blessings shall be yours.
In there, you see a very careful elaboration on MATHEW 24.I was touched and this has propelled me to write on this on my blog today.
The truth is not farfetched,we are moving into the days of Anti-Christ.The pathway has already been laid for the man of lawlessness.His major weapon to have the world under his sway is RELIGION and he is going to cash in on this.He will oppose the way of faith,no wonder why Christ asked if He is going to meet faith in the world at His  return.The world's government for the sake of peace has been throwing their weight  behind various schemes driving towards  achieving one world religion.
Christ's proposed  kingdom,the kingdom of God his father,but devil through his angels are busy working on people's minds to shelve the real truth for the wrong truth.They proposed the one world religion in order to present God's kingdom under their own umbrella,but to be candid,can God be prevented from working and glorifying himself?
The signs of the times is in no way similar to the changes in weather.It is unlike weather forecastThat was why Jesus told the pharisees and the saducees that they could read and predict correct weather forecast but they are completely unable to read and understand the signs of times .
I believe in rapture and this GREAT SALVATION entrusted to us.I went to an international Bible study of Deeper Christian Life Ministry on Monday and the preacher,the General Superintendent,Pastor W. F. Kumuyi spoke on this.One of His main text in that Bible study was HEBREW 2:3 "How shall we escape, if we neglect so great a salvation; which at the first began to be spoken by the Lord, and was confirmed unto us by them that heard him."
The anti-Christ goal is that many of us neglect this GREAT SALVATION and missed the purpose of it.WE MUST WITHOUT HESITATION NEVER NEGLECT PREACHING THE TRUTH OF THE BIBLE TO ALL AND SUNDRY.
The signs of this evil trend are fast becoming obvious,please we at this perilious time are to be awake,alert and sober watching for the return of the Lord.I believe we are all seeing many rapid changes all over the world;over population's menace,technological advancements scourges like nuclear  and biological weapons, politically hungry nations vying  for political powers,the thirst for power and domination all over the world!
In all this we are to be very careful holding on to the sound truth of the Bible and teaching people about it without shame and fear.We are not to be cajoled into believing that Religion will bring peace into the world.The Anti-Christ policy is abounding these days,are we without them,watch your country policies and you see many,many of them.
In conclusion watch out for the emergence possibility of this Anti-Christ,and also be prepared for RAPTURE! IT IS REAL


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