The two Angels beckoned unto the Disciples while looking up on the mountain where Jesus ascended before their eyes. "Now when He had spoken these things, while they watched, He was taken up, and a cloud received Him out of their sight. 10 And while they looked steadfastly toward heaven as He went up, behold, two men stood by them in white apparel, 11 who also said, “Men of Galilee, why do you stand gazing up into heaven? This same Jesus, who was taken up from you into heaven, will so come in like manner as you saw Him go into heaven.”
This is just a tip of the iceberg. I hope what The Apostle Peter and Paul said of his imminent return gives another insights of his earthly returns.Brethren Christ comes.Keep looking up for the trumpet is at hand.Be at alert.

Jesus Ascension

Jesus Ascension
He is coming Again.Be prepared.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Heaven's Signature!!!!

A baby  come into this world with the Heaven's Signature.It comes divine from above.It grows within us and we grow with it.
There is God's signature upon Job.There is God's signature upon Judas Iscariot.There, in the Bible, every names have this divine signatory pam,pampam,pam...  stamped upon them.Even Jezebel has divine signatory on her!!
The first way we feels this,is by our Conscience.The second by our own Fear.The third Thoughts and many others ways, i shall be giving illustrations on some, in the course of this blogging.

Do you know that,in  the office,there shall be no salary without signature at the end of the month!!!!? Those who are into office job will agree with me on  that,there signature is the mandate of their reward at the end of the month.Banks asked for signature before i can withdraw money.There are some cashiers who scrutinized my signature very well before they can approve my teller.However whenever i make deposits, banks don't care,they just lodge my money.

What i want to draw out from this, i put down in my own words that,"Signature is a matter of end-product,God has deposited his own signatory into our lives in love,by making it not  rigid but flexible,that perhaps by its  flexibility we shall know where we belong".That is what i have in mind and this too,"The flexible Signature of God is there to lead us back to him,for it create room for repentance.'' At a stage in life the divine seal will be required for your Spiritual growth in life.

The Psalmist said in Psalm 139:14,".....i am fearfully and wonderfully made....."Have you ever pondered why we are such carefully made, a careful product of God? Why do we carry the image of God?Why do we pray to Him and He answered our prayers? Many of us we are afraid of our future but have forgotten that God's Signature upon our lives,will accomplish the divine's will,if we honestly abide in His commandments.
There are times verification will be needed.There are times God's Signature will required a very urgent divine authentification.God,at the point of Jesus' baptism confirmed the  heaven's seal  upon Christ life through the message to John the baptist, the Holy Spirit and his voice.Daniel in the Lion's den received his own confirmation, that the seal of God was upon his life by Angelic intervention.There are many others like the Three Hebrew men,The children of Israel before the Red Sea.
However,we have many others with God's seal upon them, who actually perish in the hand of the enemies.In the Church's history,many people were thrown into a closed theatre with an opening to the Lions den.They are eaten up by the Lions,matryed for the sake of the gospel.The Apostles were cruelly killed.Stephen was stoned to death.Yet all these people have the divine seal upon ther lives.
In this world we are been tracked about by this Signature.Name anything and anywhere you like in this world and beyond,this divine seal and imprint is there before you and in you.
At the end of the days,God will say this is my seal upon you,what have you used it for? I answered your prayers,how do you handle them?Those talents i gave you too, were my Signature, why don't you use all for my glory?I made you this and that but you don't recognize me.Why? The people i gave you as brothers,sisters,friends and families are my Signature,what do you do with them? That sonorous and beautiful voice is my Signature but you have used it to sing to the devil.When God begin to reel out Endless list...What a pity?. 
Hence i implore you to check your Conscience,there are blueprints of God's Signature there.

If we want to make heaven,we must always let God's Signature  be effective in our lives.

Please go.... according to what it has been written about you.That is the surest way to Christ.Amen.Your Life will ask for the Signature of God at every important junctions of your life.Keep it,it is not to be tampered with.It is God's ticket for your life.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The spirit of Goats.

I am not going to quote Bible but going to leave you on your own intuition that after reading this posting you may decide on yourselves your next step.Perhaps,to  change or still remain goattish.
There are lots of truth in the Bible there to convince you on the subject at hands.You may be wondering that,what has got into this man's head that he is now writing on goats.Hmmm..... to be simple,i am not only going to write on goats,i shall surely tell you their damning spirits! Nothing do me,i have the inspiration to write so,please come up with me to enjoy this blog,today.You are highly welcome.
This posting  also has to do with spirits,spirits,spirits........!!!
I was reading Guardian Newspapers and i found in one of its columns, issues on witchcraft.The man who sent in the last correspondence, Leo Igwe tried to disproved two earlier postings on witchcraft.He rejected the belief of witchcraft existence and the standing of the Bible on it.
The truth is that,there are witches and there are many witchcraft spirits.If there are magical arts, and king Saul could sought for a witch's at Endor for help before going to battle, people of 1500s to 1830s could come up with books like Doctor Faustus,a kind of book condemning necromancy and many other evidences about witches,then there are witches  and they must have blinded people's minds.
I am writing on the spirit of goats but before i digged in,into the topic at hand,yes i am going to tell you of the legions Christ sent out of the man of Gadaresene.A man possessed by demons, evil spirits,he is in the state of lunaticism.Christ rebuked the demons out of him and they fled into the swine of pigs,which eventually turn  into the sea.
Spirit of goats should be generally taken as the spirits of disobedience.Disobedience and witchcraft are the same.A disobedient child is carrying some deposits of witchcraft already!!!If you are disobeying God ,the truth is that you have witchcraft traits in you.
Those who disobey God are carrying the spirit of goats in them.Those  goats  in them will never let them do the will of God.
Goats are generally known to be stubborn,steal food all the time.A grown up goats must have stolen 65% of the food he has been eating to get to that stage.Imagine what goats do daily.Goats never want to know who owns this or that.They just bend those heads downwards and begin to eat.I never pity goats.I don't even like their meats.It smell somehow.Goats are generally dirty too.Arrogant too.They are cheats.If they have voice they will lie more than tortoise even in lying competitions.
As disobedience takes over goats so also the spirit of goats takes over the heart of wayward livings.You loves the world and its pleasures ,the spirits of goat is in you.The spirit is possessive and contagious,it is also stony.If you have read the book of Hosea you will see that,the spirit of harlotry,same as the spirit of prostitution or whoredom is also contagious.Hosea was asked to marry a wife of whoredom and have children of whoredom born to him.There is going to be no single exception.All his children were going to be possessed as a result of their mother's possession.
Why not choose to be as lamb today?Jesus is the lamb of God.John said in John 1:35-36 that Christ took away the sins of the world.He obeyed God and found acceptance before God.The spirit of goats is everywhere.You must deal with them before they wrecked your life beyond recognition.You need to surrender your stony heart before God,let him write his laws upon the table of your heart and give  you a heart of flesh,instead.You need the Holy Spirit instead of the spirits of goats,witchcraft and prostitution.
Reach out  to God today,he is very near you to hear you and change your life.
I know you desired God than the Devil,want Him than devil,but i am sorry to say,you can't have God with that spirit of goats in you!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Like Doctor Faustus?

I have been reading some literature texts in preparation for coming examinations.I have this book that caught my fancy among them and i think it good to share it with you and others who will one way the other read this blog.It was written by Christopher Marlowe titled "Doctor Faustus".
It was written to warn against pride,ambition and evil association with supernatural powers.Salvation is taken as an important theme in the book.The book is still current and i am still looking for books so current as this book,which can reveal the standings of God,Devil on magical art and immoralities in form of play like this.It will be clearly seen in the play that God, frowned on magic  and other art mystery.                     
The book is a development on a historical figure called George John Faustus,an itinerant German scholar but turned magician.Here is an eminent scholar wearied of academic study who then switched to magic and makes deal with the Devil.He will be at the service of Mephostophilis a satanic fiendish spirit.The spirit is to serve him and give him whatever he wanted.But after  twenty four years,Faustus must keep his side of the bargain.Heavens,Earth and even things in hell were promised him,some supernatural things were even partially shown him.He got all he wanted satanically but not without a loss.He lost his soul to the Devil.The Devil,as Lucifer in the play exchanged his soul for the power,fame and magic arts he was given.He has all things at his beck and he wield a lot of powers!!He has the full taste of life within the twenty four years ,that he never wanted to leave this world and his wealth at the wee hours of his life!!

Many people as a result of great gain and lust of power are in the same shoe like Dr.Faustus.They  are in occult group as a result of protection,prestige,connections,wealth,uncommon promotion they hope to get from there.The Devil surely is behind every secret group,whatever group people hold in the private beyond the glare of the public is not of God.When the contents of your group is not to be known by an outsider or need be joined by initiation it is evil.There is an exchange of soul.Those in such group cannot lead aright.If they are in the position of power , things will not augur well.They,as a result of evil power conferred on them will never do the good of those they are leading.Such group,such people shall go to hell.They have conditions,just like Glo,MTN and other telecoms companies in Nigeria.They do say Conditions Apply in any of their  promotions,so as to avoid lawsuit,in case of any trouble they can change their conditions!!.That's the Devil's strategy against you,he can change the  conditions so as to make you a loser!!He will double your  fame and make you lost in it eternally,he will make you commit grievous crimes when his power is still in your hand,that by the time he wanted to discard you,you  will never get off his hook.I pray that will not be your portion in Jesus name.Amen.

Church officers too are not exempted.That's why the bible said "God knows those who are his..."

This remind me and even took me into searching the scripture of what Christ said in Mathew 16:26 "For what is a man profited,if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul?or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?"
Another Scripture in the same book of Mathew.Mathew 11:28-30 revealed what Jesus said which could be linked to the situation that Faustus found himself at the end of his life.
"Come unto me, all yee that labor and are heavy laden,and i will give you rest.Take upon you my yoke and learn of me;for i am meek and lowly in heart: and yee shall find rest unto your souls.For my yoke is easy and my burden is light."

The lust of power has pushed Dr.Faustus into the problem of  he found himself.He wanted to be great through magical  art.He gave his soul to the Devil but could not reclaim it back  because he has, on some times, rubbished the grace of God.While he is still practicing the magical art,while he is still reigning.God sent the Good Angel and an Old Man to him but he forfeited the grace.He refused to come to Christ in the climax of his problem.What a pity!!!
He has even confessed to the Devils that he is going to be against the Church of Christ with his magical art.He was deeply entrenched in the mystery of magic.There are many times in the play,that Faustus disregarded God's warnings,went against fundamental moral laws and refused to repent.He was basking in vanity!!!

The book was written in the period of rebirth in the UK.If we look across the world today we would discover that people in majority celebrated magical art.All those beliefs in Astrology,horoscope,star gazing,magics etc stemmed from the bottomless pit of hell.They are satanic.They are not of God,but people still go after them.It is a pity.Many are superstitiously brought up and this has pushed them into the kingdom of darkness.

Christ words still remain valid today,those two scriptures above are relevant in  determining the where-about of our souls, today. If you  surrender  your soul  to God,what you will need is God's grace to overcome the Devil.But if the Devil has your soul,be sure you may never  retrace your steps back to God for Devils don't give grace.

Don't go to hell,Doctor Faustus went to hell by force with the fiendish beings when his time expire.In God is eternal life,no expiration of grace for His grace is unlimited,therefore come unto Christ today and have your ticket to heaven booked in advance.

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you.Amen.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hold up in Heaven?Never.

I have never been to heaven though i have been out of my body several times meaning i have reached to heaven in so many ways but i have not seen the visions of heaven .However from my runderstanding of the Bible, i have seen that hold-ups don't catch up with Angels,service delivery is an express one in heaven.
Their roads over there is faith.Just Pam,pam, you are off to where you go!!
The Bible  did not talk of flying jets but i am  going to tell you that in heaven they(jets) are nothing ,but a useless means of movement.Don't you think Angels on God's errands are faster than the best jets?
That's my consolation whenever i am on the Third Mainland Bridge.Mondays to Fridays except on holidays,that Bridge is Hellish!!I am going to reign with Christ.
If there is anything God is going to be faithful with, it must be time.He honours his words at the right time.
Christ valued time when he said "...:But my words shall not pass away".I hope you get that.
God may be slow but he is not in a traffic jam.It is for the bearer's good if God decided to wait a little longer.

Let me tell the truth here,i dislike wasting time.I always regret Third Mainland Bridge Traffic whenever i am on the Bridge.It is ever hectic.The bridge is over Pacific Ocean,the Ocean divides Lagos to Mainland and Island.If you  have been reading my blogs before,you would have seen where i said i worked at Lagos Island.Today,i want to add more,i worked in the Island but live at the Mainland.

However there has been an instance of Hold up in the near heaven.That was in the case of the Angel sent by God to deliver the answer to Daniel's prayer the first day he began.That's a big pity but a big lesson for us.The Angel was held up in the air by the prince of persia.A demonic fiendish being.

There is no hold up in Heaven,the dwelling place of God.I was discussing this issue with a colleague at work and he told me something  new and surprising.He heard what a professor said about North American road particularly United States,that in some big cities over there,there are lanes up to sixteen.I was moved to hear that.
I can't wait to tell you what i have been doing lately.
First i mourned the death of our immediate former president.May his soul rest in peace.
Secondly i have been reading the book of prophet Hosea.It is so interesting to me that i have read the chapters over and over again,and i am inviting you too to read the book.

The book is an eye opener.It reveal the reason behind genetical spiritual problems.Divine mind was revealed in the book.The book is frank on prostitution from every angle.Do you  want to understand the problems behind Nation's crisis,or family crisis,you will do yourself a lot of good by reading the chapters of this book over and over again prayerfully.
You will also do yourself a favour if you could use Bible commentaries alongside your readings.
To get to a state where we pray and receive we must practice Holiness and where can we find one,if not the Bible.
Marriage issues were thoroughly dealt with.There is flow of mercy in the book too.You just have to let the Lord opened up your understanding,for there are much more than eyes can meet in the book.
You are welcome to the book of prophet Hosea.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Divine Food

I have the injunction to restrict myself to the Bible, and here, i am going to write on how men stayed without food for some days.I am not going to write less than what  the bible said about those men.I am going to write on our own  Divine food today.

Divine food started from the garden of Eden.That fruit eaten by our progenitors Adam and Eve is a divine food.It is divine because no one can ever see that fruit again.It has been eaten once and the effect has ever been around and within us.We have the consequences of the  eaten fruit with us even  as you read this blog.
Only a Man ate the fruit with his wife in the garden of Eden,but the billions today are suffering of its evil consequences.The good side of the fruit is that it actually made one wise.It is an eye opener, and i think, they, by virtue of their hiding away from God is not divinely fed on them by God.They are wrong to have taken the food on the wrong command of the serpent.

There are others too,i must make mention of them from the Bible.Moses is another good example.He was in the cloud forty days and forty nights.A good lover of food like me will calculate the number of bowls of  raw rice and beans i must pack up for the cloud visitation.A bundle of firewood too must follow me up the mountain,in fact,at first i can't go up there alone.However the fact is that,Moses never knew he will spent up to those days in the mountain.He never knew God is going to delayed him up there but God who knew he is going to stay longer brought the cloud down so as to rescue Moses from hunger.If the cloud has not been there or let me say if God has not asked him to come up,Moses would have complained of hunger.He was alive as a result of business between him and God.God became his strength and i am sure if Elijah was ministered to by an Angel who provided him with Angelic food,Moses' case could be likened to what happened to Elijah.The angels could have fed Moses too within those forty days and night he has been in the cloud.We read that  when Elijah  was asked by an Angel of God to arise and eat a divinely prepared food a baked cake and water he drank from a cruse of water.The Angel came twice.That implies that a single Angelic prepared meal  lasted him for twenty days on his journey to the mount of Horeb.God is great to have fed him that way,if you the passage carefully ,you will discover that ,it was after his regret and his wish for death that the Angel of God asked him to arise and eat.He was going to the mountain of God.The food sustained them.You can read for yourself in 1 Kings 19:1-8 and  Exodus 24:12-18.

These two men ate Divine food and were strengthened to do what other human being could not  do.Moses was in the cloud for forty days and forty nights,Elijah journeyed  the great journey  through the same days and nights to the mount Horeb, the mountain of God.I have other  examples  that  were  quite different from the two i have written about above.

One case is Moses,the second is Elijah but the third case which  is Manna is a visual Divine food.just like how we can describe the food the Angel brought to Elijah.The Manna was Divinely  produced and provided for the commercial consumption of the children of Israel with strings of rules attached to it.It is a sweetened  food and an Angelic food.The children of Israel were to pack the food except on the sabbath.God has reserved the day ,a holy day in the history of the old Israel.

Prophet Elisha too just like Moses were able to turn around food.Moses turn Marah to sweetness  just by casting a stick ordained by God into the bitter  water and Elisha was able to neutralized  the poisonous porridge.Those incident portrayed the evidence of divine hands.These God's prophets were able to drew God into their chalenges and they overcame.

Do you know that Jesus fasted forty days and forty nights because of Divine strength in him.Devil would have used him to create counterfeit food during the days of his fasting.Glory be to God  Christ prevailed through the word of God.

The truth today is that no one can feed us with those kind of food again for strength,for the main reason those people ate those food is for them to have Divine strength and do exploit beyond their human capacity.Our Divine food today is the word of God,the Bible.The Bible and other avenues we can hear genuine word of God.To go in the strength of God, daily, we must be supplying our souls with the  fuel,the word of God.We can't afford to do nothing less or far from the word of God.How often do you thirst for the word of God.How often have you allow the in-flood of the word of God into your life? The word of God is not for a particular class of people.Adults need the word and so do the young,we all need the word of God in us to survive these evil days ahead us.

Take heed to what you hear and also to what you read.Take heed to who you go out with and to whom you associate with.God will help you if you can authoritatively say like David in his song of Psalms 119:11 "Thy word have i hid in my heart, that i might not sin against thee".

Have you the word of God in your lives?

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Midnight is when we can't do as we like,we don't have the power and authority to have our wishes done except through prayers and faith command.In the wee of the night, the giants of the day do put their tired bodies at rest.Midnight is a scary moment that flashes lives of men away as if it is actually a dust.We are to remember that,the body is actually the dust not the life itself.If you don't understand my grammar please i  will recommend Professor Wole Soyinka's poem "Night" for you as a case study.What i am posting here, is no case it is just a close up!!!!

Hmmm.......,i want to be a  night  writer but i have observed that  it is not always the best to write in the midnight.You, at  that moment, must overpower the monster of sleep if you are to write well.Sleep is a monster you have to deliver yourself from,if you really want to reach a milestone in writing at night.

Come to think of this,many things do happen in the night.When i look it this way,i do observe that Night sometimes is not useful to man.
This is because night  has aided death in killing men than in day.I once made research on how people died, a personal one, i found out that most people died always in the night.

There are several books which have been written on Night.There are great philosophies about Night,however  if there is going to be a basic reason why God created the night,it is simply for our Rest.Night is a period of rest.Midnight is a period of rest.Most of the creatures God made rest in the night.This is  one of the purpose of God for  the Midnight.

Spiritually,midnight is another  working time for active human beings.The spiritual realm is tensely charged in the midnight,so if you want to be active you can't afford to sleep and over sleep in the  midnight.Satanic groups are active in the midnight,the witches operate in the midnight.Those who are in occults do go to their covert meetings in the midnight and the celestial bodies too were busy in the midnight.The Angels of God works too, on our behalf in the midnight.Many Christian put Angels on guard in their homes at night,despite the number of guards in their homes.

Many of us, we are too, too, busy, that, there is no chance to get to us easily from the spirit realm and because of this, spiritual realm is mostly silent during the day.However, in the midnight the spirit realm is a very busy place.Devils operate to kill,steal and destroy in the night.Many people have already been killed in the night before they died in the day.God also speak into the mind of men in the vision of the night.We can't afford to loose God's visitation daily, because without this, we are going to be at the mercy of the power of darkness.The midnight is more important than the day in the spiritual realm.

The midnight is a showcase of power.Midnight is the moment of  revelation.There is no discretion in Midnight issues.Discretion don't work there.I want to give an example here and i  made my  reference from book of  Genesis. King Abimelech tried to reason with God in the dream  but was it his reasoning that save him from death, no, it was God's restriction.God had restricted him from touching Abraham's wife.I perceived  if he had touched Abraham's wife, he would have died.That's how many great people died suddenly.
When God visited Abimelech should he has found fault with  Abimelech despite the fact He (God) has withdrew him from sleeping with Abraham's wife,Abimelech would have died that night.That is,should Abimelech had slept with Abraham's wife despite God's restriction,he would died when God appeared to him in the dream that night. For God said unto  him"Abimelech you are dead".Any single mistake or wickedness found on Abimelech that moment  on that issue will summarily killed him.God will surely killed him that midnight.

Night kept men from stress.
This is  another the key of night.God knew he has given man a great work to do during the day.Men are to be busy during the day.That's the way God want it.In revelation where the bible revealed that there shall be no more night imply no more work.There shall be no more stress.

Night kept men from danger.
Midnight is a moment to relieve yourself from the days' evil.God perfectly designed it that way.However the night is full of its own danger.To many people night is a terror.Many people always want night to come while many people always want night to go.However the principal is the the night has saved many people's lives from danger of attack,by taking refuge in the custody of their homes.

Midnight is not  for  your sleeping only.There are many other things you could do in the midnight.Prayer is one,read your bible,sing,meditate and cultivate the habit of not sleeping too much.Many people are out there against you in the night,satanically working against your peace and progress.The enemy of your soul never want you to have joy,he wanted you persecuted,  to the extent that you denied or loose your faith but you as a child of God you are busy sleeping.Don't be a sleeping giant,wake up and get talking with your God.
To overcome the power of the night you must keep praying in the midnight and if you haven't been doing that ,you have to keep doing it now.The enemy prowls about seeking whom to devour.Be steadfast and the Lord shall keep you through the terror of the nights.
Jesus said "the night is coming when no one shall be able to work".Men shall desire to work but they shall not be able to.It is my prayer that while you are in the days of your lives,you keep nearer to the Lord than never and your miracles and victory over the power of the night shall be limitless.Shalom


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