The two Angels beckoned unto the Disciples while looking up on the mountain where Jesus ascended before their eyes. "Now when He had spoken these things, while they watched, He was taken up, and a cloud received Him out of their sight. 10 And while they looked steadfastly toward heaven as He went up, behold, two men stood by them in white apparel, 11 who also said, “Men of Galilee, why do you stand gazing up into heaven? This same Jesus, who was taken up from you into heaven, will so come in like manner as you saw Him go into heaven.”
This is just a tip of the iceberg. I hope what The Apostle Peter and Paul said of his imminent return gives another insights of his earthly returns.Brethren Christ comes.Keep looking up for the trumpet is at hand.Be at alert.

Jesus Ascension

Jesus Ascension
He is coming Again.Be prepared.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Like Doctor Faustus?

I have been reading some literature texts in preparation for coming examinations.I have this book that caught my fancy among them and i think it good to share it with you and others who will one way the other read this blog.It was written by Christopher Marlowe titled "Doctor Faustus".
It was written to warn against pride,ambition and evil association with supernatural powers.Salvation is taken as an important theme in the book.The book is still current and i am still looking for books so current as this book,which can reveal the standings of God,Devil on magical art and immoralities in form of play like this.It will be clearly seen in the play that God, frowned on magic  and other art mystery.                     
The book is a development on a historical figure called George John Faustus,an itinerant German scholar but turned magician.Here is an eminent scholar wearied of academic study who then switched to magic and makes deal with the Devil.He will be at the service of Mephostophilis a satanic fiendish spirit.The spirit is to serve him and give him whatever he wanted.But after  twenty four years,Faustus must keep his side of the bargain.Heavens,Earth and even things in hell were promised him,some supernatural things were even partially shown him.He got all he wanted satanically but not without a loss.He lost his soul to the Devil.The Devil,as Lucifer in the play exchanged his soul for the power,fame and magic arts he was given.He has all things at his beck and he wield a lot of powers!!He has the full taste of life within the twenty four years ,that he never wanted to leave this world and his wealth at the wee hours of his life!!

Many people as a result of great gain and lust of power are in the same shoe like Dr.Faustus.They  are in occult group as a result of protection,prestige,connections,wealth,uncommon promotion they hope to get from there.The Devil surely is behind every secret group,whatever group people hold in the private beyond the glare of the public is not of God.When the contents of your group is not to be known by an outsider or need be joined by initiation it is evil.There is an exchange of soul.Those in such group cannot lead aright.If they are in the position of power , things will not augur well.They,as a result of evil power conferred on them will never do the good of those they are leading.Such group,such people shall go to hell.They have conditions,just like Glo,MTN and other telecoms companies in Nigeria.They do say Conditions Apply in any of their  promotions,so as to avoid lawsuit,in case of any trouble they can change their conditions!!.That's the Devil's strategy against you,he can change the  conditions so as to make you a loser!!He will double your  fame and make you lost in it eternally,he will make you commit grievous crimes when his power is still in your hand,that by the time he wanted to discard you,you  will never get off his hook.I pray that will not be your portion in Jesus name.Amen.

Church officers too are not exempted.That's why the bible said "God knows those who are his..."

This remind me and even took me into searching the scripture of what Christ said in Mathew 16:26 "For what is a man profited,if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul?or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?"
Another Scripture in the same book of Mathew.Mathew 11:28-30 revealed what Jesus said which could be linked to the situation that Faustus found himself at the end of his life.
"Come unto me, all yee that labor and are heavy laden,and i will give you rest.Take upon you my yoke and learn of me;for i am meek and lowly in heart: and yee shall find rest unto your souls.For my yoke is easy and my burden is light."

The lust of power has pushed Dr.Faustus into the problem of  he found himself.He wanted to be great through magical  art.He gave his soul to the Devil but could not reclaim it back  because he has, on some times, rubbished the grace of God.While he is still practicing the magical art,while he is still reigning.God sent the Good Angel and an Old Man to him but he forfeited the grace.He refused to come to Christ in the climax of his problem.What a pity!!!
He has even confessed to the Devils that he is going to be against the Church of Christ with his magical art.He was deeply entrenched in the mystery of magic.There are many times in the play,that Faustus disregarded God's warnings,went against fundamental moral laws and refused to repent.He was basking in vanity!!!

The book was written in the period of rebirth in the UK.If we look across the world today we would discover that people in majority celebrated magical art.All those beliefs in Astrology,horoscope,star gazing,magics etc stemmed from the bottomless pit of hell.They are satanic.They are not of God,but people still go after them.It is a pity.Many are superstitiously brought up and this has pushed them into the kingdom of darkness.

Christ words still remain valid today,those two scriptures above are relevant in  determining the where-about of our souls, today. If you  surrender  your soul  to God,what you will need is God's grace to overcome the Devil.But if the Devil has your soul,be sure you may never  retrace your steps back to God for Devils don't give grace.

Don't go to hell,Doctor Faustus went to hell by force with the fiendish beings when his time expire.In God is eternal life,no expiration of grace for His grace is unlimited,therefore come unto Christ today and have your ticket to heaven booked in advance.

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you.Amen.

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