The two Angels beckoned unto the Disciples while looking up on the mountain where Jesus ascended before their eyes. "Now when He had spoken these things, while they watched, He was taken up, and a cloud received Him out of their sight. 10 And while they looked steadfastly toward heaven as He went up, behold, two men stood by them in white apparel, 11 who also said, “Men of Galilee, why do you stand gazing up into heaven? This same Jesus, who was taken up from you into heaven, will so come in like manner as you saw Him go into heaven.”
This is just a tip of the iceberg. I hope what The Apostle Peter and Paul said of his imminent return gives another insights of his earthly returns.Brethren Christ comes.Keep looking up for the trumpet is at hand.Be at alert.

Jesus Ascension

Jesus Ascension
He is coming Again.Be prepared.

Saturday, July 31, 2010


Praise the Lord,this year 2010 convention has come and i believe that as i am online now the opening program has begun starting from today and is to cover through the sixth of August ,2010.
I am going to upload some of the photographs of the convention services on my blog here,by the grace of God.
Sure,i am going to cover much and snap big in this holy convention. 
LAWNA in The Apostolic Church ,Nigeria means Lagos and Western, Northern Areas Convention.  You can watch the video of the church programmes by following this link:The Apostolic Churh Website
You are welcome and be richly blessed through Christ Jesus our Lord.Amen.
I am happy because i am going to hear that yearly songs and one favorite of mine is this,let me share it with you
E fi ope iyin,ola fun Jesu Oba
Odun bawa layo,o ba wa layo
Ogo loye Baba.

This song in my dialect is a come together song giving thank to God that we meet once again joyfully.
The Lord is please to see you watch the videos,please be there at the link as from today.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Call unto Liberty by the Lord.

As far as my understanding permit me,i think the meaning of Liberty is  to have freedom,or to be in its state.The Church of the Lord has been blessed by the Lord himself with Liberty.We have Liberty in the fold, that is so unlimited,victorious unrestricted and surely free.
It is neither of the physique nor is it physical.It is not of the flesh but of the Spirit.The Liberty is not to come under the control of the fleshExercising the Liberty of Christ  through the flesh is tartamount to glorifying the devil.The devil govern whatever has to do with fleshy issues so to stoop under its control will abuse the Liberty in which Christ has called us unto.
 The Church of Christ as a body needs to be aware of this always,that is given by grace and it is not a choice but a privilege.
       In 2 Cor. 3 :17 which says
                                Now the Lord is that Spirit: and  where the Spirit of the Lord is,there is Liberty."
The Spirit is  of the Lord and he was active within the Church.That has enable the Church to realize the grace in which we have been called into.
It is compulsory for the church to have this understanding that "Brethren are always Christians but not every Christians are Brethren"
We have the presence of the Lord with us alway according to Math. 28:20  and we walk with him.What did Gal. 5:13 says. It also talked about Liberty,the same with verse 16.
"For Brethren,ye have been called unto Liberty;only use Liberty for an occasion to the flesh,but by Love serve one another"
"This i say then,walk in the Spirit and ye shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh"
In this world,these days,we have the appetites of the world to do away with,if we are not going to abuse this Liberty in which we have been called into.
We need to walk not as those who are in the world.That's the key.Walk in Christ.Do not do the things of the world along with Christ principles.Bear fruits worthy of the Lord.The flesh profits nothing.
We are very prone into abusing this Liberty as Christians,i am going to write on this on my next postings.Be blessed.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Do we go in Peace?

When you wanted something in life, in the midst of many things,many needs, many desires,many feelings,many actions  waiting for you to carry them out-perhaps to launch,many wishes,many many thoughts and a gift of peace to permeate your world.Be grateful to God for that, for that single gift of peace is the blessing where with God. himself has blessed you in all your toils.
God did not made king Solomon reign to be like his father David based on the platform of peace.I have read those passages having to do with David and Solomon in the Bible more than often and have come to this understanding that the only obvious difference between father and son is peace.David fought wars in his days and his days were so plagued with both internal and external problems.Let me say he had no peace all his days!!!He was a man of war.He fought war to have peace.
However Solomon did not have to fight wars before he can have peace because God dash him peace he needed.His troops,chariots,horses, and trained soldiers were just useless because i did not see any trace of many wars in his days,they must be in use to maintain internal security purposes ,i think so..The Bible said "God gave Solomon peace round about him.His kingdom knew peace and tranquility!!!He was such a lucky king.No wonder he was able to have real time for women.
The Bible talked about peace in the form of prophecy,praise,prayer,preaching and in many other form.
Our saviour standing on peace is critical.The Lord is critical on the issue of world peace and the record is there for all to see.He is truly the peace of the world.
Many have been stopped from working for the Lord by their families,friends and acquaintances  but those who resisted have always being at loggerheads with their families.I don't have a family that could stop me from working for the Lord and i don't pray for that either in future.For the sake of Christ i can throw away my peace because i have his peace.Who are you to stop me from doing the Lord's work.How dare you ever think of such things? Oh!! you must be Lucifer, if you want me to go against the doctrine of the Lord.No more,no less,Christ has given us his peace forever and ever,so why not throw away my own peace and be away with any wife,any son, any daughter,any family... that may want to stop me from doing the will of Christ.I am not going to compromise my standard on the doctrine of Christ.
My peace have i given you and not as the world gives, said the Lord. The Lord's peace if free for all.It is not to be negotiate on a round table.It is not a dialogue form.It is spiritual and fleshy.
We too in our days have the peace of Christ.How do we utilize his peace to the point maximization? The joy and peace of mind that made Stephen to keep preaching and keep testifying of Christ even at the point of death is part of the issue at hand.How do we exercise our peace in Christ given to us by him.As Christians we have the best peace in Contentment and Faith.
Christ is a man of contentment.In his contentment lies our peace.His peace in this busy world is the only thing that make us keep going.If we don't want to get muddled up with the mud-world,we must be go with the faith coated peace of Christ.Many of us go in warring attitudes.We don't go in peace.We  do abuse the Lord's peace.No wonder the Bible said there is no peace unto the wicked.
This wicked world's peace is in a state of recklessness.It is just a matter of boo-booed, weewee peace!!!!! A form of palsy-sickened peace.
If not for  Christ's peace he has given unto us his own people before he left this world ,there would be no peace at his return.The Lord will have his peace at his return but as Christians let's keep employing this peace to the interest of our master Jesus.
Let us as Christians go in peace as we walk through this dark world!!!!
Without us Christians there is no peace in this world.Be proud of that.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Christ, the King of kings

The royal symbols of  earthly kings ranges from crowns,scepters, thrones,royal costumes,royal beads,power and authorities conferred on them however our heavenly father, God, is the Supreme King over all and all.Through Him Christ has been conferred with the Authority to judge the whole world at the time He the father had set.He shall sit on the great white throne at the end of this world to execute judgment upon the people..
Why is the Authority given to Christ,or why is there going to be a judgment  seat of Christ before which we are all going to stand in order to be judge and why is Christ the King  of this occasion?
When we look on this issue at hand we must see that a greater Authority is required from the human race to judge both the great and the small.Christ perfectly filled the space ordained by God a human like us who knows our strengths and weaknesses.
Christ as God is the King of kings because of the following reasons:
His throne is of everlasting.Psalm 45:6
He was chosen by God himself and has established His Throne from of old.
Only Him has the righteous scepter to declare justice on both the great and the small.Hebrew 1:8
Christ will judge the world with righteousness and the people with equity.
He is King of kings to the glory of God the father but to the shame of the devil.

The kings of the world shall stand in awe of the great white Throne on the day of judgment

God the father has chosen Christ to administer His will,His wrath,His judgment on the disobedient world.
There are many kings who would dare challenge Christ, if he is going to be bias on the judgment day,but He is going to judge in holiness and in righteousness at the time which the father has set.
Many people never want to acknowledge Christ as King of kings but on that day,they shall have no  other choice than to be subjected before His Throne..
Seeing yourself in the wrong  light on the day of judgment is enough to fire you to hell and this should sound a warning to us that an unbelieving mind is a great crime before God Almighty.
Children need to know that God has highly exalted Christ and has given Him a name above every other name,that at the mention of  Jesus Christ,every knees in heaven,earth and below the earth must to bow and God must have the glory..That's taken from Philippians 2: 9-11
This faith begins from believing,you cannot accept Christ as the King of kings if you don't believe in Him.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Eternal Throne.

.I am writing on the Eternal Throne of God today.
Whenever i wanted to test a child about the dwelling place of our God, i do ask him or her that "where is  your God".Children are fond of pointing into the sky!!!! However i do observe that some serious ones do bombard me with questions like,what is he doing up there?when is Jesus coming back?why is God up there?Is he very far away?
I always try to explain these to them and i am always happy in discussing with children, the issue of creation.
I am done with asking of such question  or making them curious about whom God is.I have shifted gear because from now on i am going to ask children on why God is King of  kings.
Why is God King of  kings?
I am sure they are going to ask me one sure question that,is the devil a king or a queen.
Hmmmm those with the minds of Thomas of the Bible may try to convince me that if God is the king then the devil is her husband.Maybe they having fought got separated and they have remained so ever since..I am sure i am going to be ask a question like that.
The fact is our God is the King of kings.His Throne is of no end.That is why it is called an Eternal Throne
God even without us has got the angels as his subjects.He has been reigning over them from the beginning.He has been God over them.
The angels created by God are superior over the kings of the earth.
We all knew how a single angel almost destroy the host of army in the camp of the Assyrian king who camp against Judah in the days of Hezekiah

His Authority is above all.
He can abased and uplift kings according to his wishes.
He can not be dethrone.
All other kings looks unto him for guidance and wisdom.
He is the creator of every kings.

I expect children to give me these few answers in return but to the adult ,i want to ask you, as you read this blog that, "Why is God King of kings?"
My quote for today:
Their have been thrones but this Throne of our God has swallowed them up

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Whatever You Do

In  this life, we have many and many things to do.We are even more busy than the days  of those clauses  in the Bible.Whatever you do covers all our daily activities whether good or evil.
The Holy Spirit inspired the Apostle Paul to write boldly this word,for the edification of the Church.

"Whether therefore you eat, or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God." as it is to be  found in 1 Corinthians 10:31
The above scripture is  to be seen as an edifying word,establishing the Church to the glory of God.
There is no restriction as to the freedom of our actions because the Lord has known what our own days is going to be.
We have been given the scripture as a checking order.

There are many activities presently in the world that a Child of God must not chide away from, if such  one is going to be successful in life.

It may be in the area of recommendations as an example.
Books may be recommended for you as a Child of God that you must read before you can pass an Examination.When you flipped through such books,you find it so demoralizing , themes and messages of the books so much in contrary to the Bible's teaching.
What do you do?
You may look for a way of escape,that 's a good  but when such opportunity seems not to come,the better is to apply this biblical portion of the Bible in other to attack your situation to the root.
It is  to be observed in all spheres of life.

You may ask yourself sincere questions like these, before venturing into those areas of your life which you intends to explore:
        How am i going to read this book to the glory of God?
There are some books carrying some sentiments against your belief in Christ and  God.You need to work out reading such books to the glory of God.You are not to read to fail but you must read to the glory of God.Your mind must be strong and firm against whatever the books are going to teach and you must not fancy anything from such books.

        How am i going to do this work to the glory of God?
There are works that are inevitable for you.God may be testing your loyalty to him.You need to credit such work to the glory of God and remain resolute that you are not going to change  your stand to the glory of God.

        How am i going to say all these words to the glory of God?
When you speak words that don't glorify God,you are glorifying the devil.

Those who are in the area of convincing or assuring people need to know that.

        How am i going to tell the people what will fetch the glory of God?
When you stand before the people have in mind that you must speak the truth no matter the cost.

        How am i going to seek God's glory first above my studies?
Here,you need to be the light.Let your studies to glorify God.What you write and say concerning your studies must honour God. 

        How am i going to enter a relationship to the glory of God? 
This part is very compulsory for us youths.You don't have to rush into a relationship only to jump out.I want to ask,why the rush?Sex or for what.Is it for the glory of God at that time?

        How am i going to contest for this post to the glory of God?
Politicians need to ponder on this most.How are they going to contest for  posts in  elections under a   free and fair atmosphere.I don't even think it is good for Christians to contest for election in this continent.They need to contest for the glory of God so as to have the Blessings of God.You cannot drag God into what you don't began with Him,it will be  very difficult for you

        How am i going to help my neighbour to the glory of God?
There ae many men who slept with ladies before assisting them to get job.Some demands  for money before giving a helping hand to their neighbours.

        How am i going to fight to the glory of God?
I once read of two brethren who are fighting one another and the minister of God who came to settle the quarrel quoted from the scripture above  telling them to keep fighting on,but they must fight to the glory of God.Yes,that's how it should be.Fighting to the glory of God.A simple reasoning should tell a child of God that their is no glory in fighting one another.No glory at all.

        How am i going to tease to the glory of God?
Don't tease  for sexual gratification except in marriage for that can never lead to the glory of God.

        How am i going to woo to the glory of God?
 Woo in the right way and according to the will of God.Don't double date again when  you finally have your own fiance or fiancee

        How am i going to relate with people to the glory of God?
Let them know you are a confirmed Christian and that you are a born again.Be cordial to all.

        How am i going to associate with people to the glory of God?
Make every one as brothers and sisters in the Lord and give due respect to the elders in the Lord.Give due respect to everyone in the body of Christ.Always consider other people opinions.It is a quality expected of you before taking a decision.

        How am i going to merry to the glory of God?
Don't merry like king Solomon  but be moderate in your merriment.Don't glory like Herod.
        How am i going to eat and drink  to the glory of God?
Eat  and drink whatever you are offered by blessing them to the glory of God.In your own home,eat to  God's glory.
        How am i going to bring up my kids to the glory of God?
Prayerfully and you must from their very tender ages expose them to the Bible for your good and their own peace.

With other thousands of Hows,we can achieve joy that will not be transient in nature, if only we can apply "to the glory of God"  to all our endeavours.

God is pleased with those seeking  his glory.He will credit them with their expected ends and blessings.God is faithful to such people and He will never be unkind to them.The earth, day by day reveals  the glory of God, how much more, we, created mainly for that purpose.

We will do well if we let God has His glory.Give no glory to any idol but God in your life.Many give glory to money,fame power,beauty,luck,success to the level of being carried away in them and i want everyone who is reading this blog to know that whatever is not God's glory is a vainglory.

To cap it all, today,i will like to give these quotes of mine i have written on this posting:
 "The best good you can do in a day,is to let whatever you do, to glorify God."

 "The devil owns every vainglory, because,vainglory is that glory stuck to yourself that you refuse to give God,hence,it belongs not to God but indirectly attributed to the devil."

 Colossians 3:17 says "Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father."

Give God the glory by giving thanks.Glory in the Highest to God for this posting on this blog today.
Hallelujah, Amen.


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